Why is everyone talking about stopping Trump? Stopping from what? Not liking the man does not constitute any rights to stop the man who wins for the Republican party. Is he not Conservative enough for the sardine can? 

Americans pride themselves to be the model for real democracy, well the model is being warped. The man may be brusk in many ways, but he is not in the pocket of the lobbyists, like tobacco, pharmaceutical and scores of others who run the politics in this country; special interests groups that have even our senators in their pocket. 

Bush had so much money from these special groups, kept spending... dropped out, Ted Cruz is liked by the establishment for he is just like them... playing politics.

No one wants any reform. No change. That's why the same people blocked Obama in his efforts to deliver what he promised. No straight bones left and the right thing is missing. This is wicked and dirty.

The Bible

God established governments principalities and powers for a duration of time. Most get corrupted and get replaced by others or fall. It was so since Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. When the mirror image reflects the reality below, which may be corrupt and evil, that image above is also evil and corrupt (Ephesians 6). There is no point in fight fighting the image above. We vote for our leaders, but we also watch for these characteristics:

1. Do we need change?
2. Who is best suited to change it?
3. One must be tough and successful already, Trump is. (Jealousy, well may be?)
4. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell opposed Obama and they still do without Boehner now.
5. The Republican party needs reformation, more intelligence and gain moire understanding.

[Romans 13:1] Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.

Since that comes from the Almighty we should consider it. Whom does God favors? Do you have the power to stop the favored one? Indeed you can delay your blessings in the name of your pride which breed dislikes. By why would you do that?

Obama was imperfect, Trump is imperfect. You want Cruz or Hillary Clinton?  It will be what will be. If Sanders could win I'd rather take him and get this country running socialist. It would not be such a bad idea for a change.  

In Israel all the winners were from the Labor party, Socialists, Kibbutz people from Ben Gurion to Golda Meir, Rabin and Shimon Perez. Moshe Dayan, Sharon and Rabin were atheists, God used them for the religious folk are severely restricted, at least an atheist is free.

NOTE:  Religion comes from the Latin RELIGARE, to bind. RELIGIO means obligation, bond and reverence.
Lift your eyes higher and see the bigger picture.
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