The Israeli air force has struck the base of a Palestinian group in Lebanon, officials said, hours after a different organization said it had fired four rockets at Israel from Lebanon.

Friday's early morning raid in Naameh, which the Lebanese army said caused no casualties or damage, nonetheless drew condemnation from the Lebanese government as a violation of its sovereignty after it had vowed to hunt down the perpetrators of Thursday's rocket fire.

Israeli aircraft "targeted a terror site located between Beirut and Sidon in response to a barrage of four rockets launched at northern Israel yesterday [Thursday]," the Israeli military said.

"The pilots reported direct hits to the target."

Lebanese President Michel Sleiman, who had condemned Thursday's rocket fire, also denounced the Israeli retaliation, adding that he had asked Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour to lodge a complaint with the UN Security Council.

"Border violations are a matter settled by the UNIFIL panel of inquiry and not by aggression and violation of Lebanese sovereignty as Israel did in Naameh," his office said.

'We will hurt them'

Palestinian and Lebanese officials said the target was a position of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command (PFLP-GC), an armed secular group that said it had nothing to do with Thursday's rocket fire.

"Around 4am (01:00 GMT), the Israeli air force fired a missile on the Naameh valley without causing any casualties or damage," PFLP-GC spokesman Ramez Mustapha said.

Thursday's salvo of four rockets, which caused damage but no casualties, was claimed by the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, an al-Qaeda-linked group that claimed similar rocket fire on Israel in 2009 and 2011.

Israeli army spokesman Brigadier General Yoav Mordechai said on Thursday that the rockets were "launched by the global jihad terror organisation", an apparent reference to al-Qaeda.

"Israel will not tolerate terrorist aggression originating from Lebanese territory," military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner said in a statement announcing Friday's air strike.

Commenting on the rocket attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement that "anyone who tries to attack us should know that we will hurt them".

Thursday's rocket fire was the first such incident since May. The rockets were fired from Rashidiyah, a Palestinian refugee camp near the southern city of Tyre in Lebanon.

Israel and Lebanon are technically at war. Israel briefly invaded Lebanon during an inconclusive 2006 conflict with armed group Hezbollah.

Iron dome

Al-Qaeda linked militant group, the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, said it carried out the attack. The four rockets were fired from the Tyre region of southern Lebanon. They caused some minor damage at a kibbutz near the Israeli coastal town of Nahariya. An Israeli military spokesman said one of the rockets was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

What does the Bible say about Sidon and Tyre

In ancient times these two cities were known to be the most idolatrous. From the idolaters' point of view they were just practicing their own sacred rituals, but to Israel and Jews those places were the sources of trouble, to put it mildly.

Jezebel imported Baal worship to Israel. Like her father's (Eth-Baal the high priest of that cult) obedient girl she went on a killing spree seeking to eradicate any traces of YHVH warship in God's Land. She succeeded killing some prophets, but about 700 managed to survive. Only Elijah dared to face that fire spewing dragon and in that sense he was the only prophet left, for the other ones were useless to God. 

The other prophets fearing for their lives did nothing. Obadiah who was over the household of Ahab (1Kings 18:3-4; 13-16) was a God fearing man and it was he who hid the prophets in caves providing them with bread and water.

It's quite interesting to recognize God's ways; His power comes at the point of dire need. The greater is the sin the greater the power. Elijah was known to be transported from place to place before his final departure in HaMerkavah ve sissim shelo - Fiery chariot and its horses. He dared the impossible, but he ran from the authority, which is God's to establish and never man's (Romans 13:1); and that authority was queen Jezebel. Elijah understood that very well. He was not a coward but a smart cookie. 

The cup of wickedness must run over before God can judge anyone. That's just the way our God is. (Read Genesis 15:16); for this reason Israel was going to wait in Egypt; a total 470 years before the conquest of Canaan (430 years in Egypt + 40 years of wanderings). 

Ahab's and Jezebel's cup had to be filled also. Even God cannot destroy anyone indiscriminately; He allots time and time again for repentance; only when that time fills up its measure destruction comes. But this destruction is also manmade; like atom all evil eventually curls up upon itself and implodes, yes, from within. 

[Ezekiel 28:18] By the multitude of your iniquities, In the unrighteousness of your trade You profaned your sanctuaries. Therefore I have brought fire from the midst of you; It has consumed you, And I have turned you to ashes on the earth In the eyes of all who see you.

Ahab's and Jezebel's house was annihilated according to the word of the Lord spoken by no one else but Elijah. But the evil of Sidon and Tyre continued on of which we read in Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28 and 29. 

Today, Hezbollah breeds that same fire so do all those who hate Israel. But who made Israel strong and even stronger than ever before? 

The more Israel was oppressed in Egypt the more it grew in numbers until the wickedness of Canaan was complete, but even then God waited another 40 years. We do not like it. We want gratification right now and while we still live. But hold your horses... 

Understand God's gracious and loving ways with all peoples upon the face of the earth. Let the wicked grow more wicked, but let the righteous be more righteous. "But how?" You might say. My advise: abstain from religious foolishness and embrace the truth, His understanding and knowledge and you will become wise. I came to give you that for only the righteous can make another righteous.

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You will never be the same. Guaranteed!


Scientists at the University of Haifa, led by Professor Gershon Galil, announce that they managed to decipher some of the oldest Hebrew biblical inscriptions available. The work sheds new light on the period in which the Holy Book was written, and also demonstrates that the tablet Galil analyzed is the oldest biblical scripture in existence. The team was made up of experts who worked at the Department of Biblical Studies at the university.

The translation “indicates that the Kingdom of Israel already existed in the 10th century BCE and that at least some of the biblical texts were written hundreds of years before the dates presented in current research,” Galil reveals. According to the expert, the trapezoidal tablet that contains the texts the team analyzed dates back to the time of King David's reign. Another significant piece of information that the translation provided refers to the fact that many of the writings presented in the Bible are in fact several centuries older than current wisdom has it, and also that the Kingdom of Israel existed at the time of their writing. 


I just came from a little walk when I asked the Lord to explain to me this verse from Genesis 3:15. He replied, "Check the word 'bruise'" and added that it had hardly anything to do with bruising or even hurting. Curious, I came home and started my research. 

So here we go... 

Currently we are busy with (at with this sentence from Genesis 3:15, (word for word translation, no grammar), "hostility I sat down between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed, he will fall upon you a head and you will fall upon him a heel."

In synagogues worldwide we read from the Torah starting with the ROSH (start, head) and end with AKEV (heel or end). Therefore heel means something later and at the end.

The word (Hebrew root word, thshuph) currently most translations render is "bruise" (יְשׁוּפְךָ "shall bruise") but it also can mean 'hurt' if one interprets falling on as hurting. 

Let us use God's gift of logic now: "In the beginning the cursed physical image of Nechash will (fall on you), but at the end you and your seed will overcome IT; the fleshly image of Nechash (you will hurt IT by falling on the animal nature)." Like an eagle that fall upon its prey and captures it.

NOTE: The angel Nechash (spirit) was not cursed, but only the physical image for only something physical can be cursed. 

For better understanding this may I refer you to Genesis 4:6-7. 

Then the LORD said to Cain, “Why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen? If you do well, will not your countenance be lifted up? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door; and its desire is for you, but you must master it.

You must OVERCOME, even CONQUER, PREVAIL AGAINST, SUBDUE it (מָשַׁל MASHAL, to rule, have dominion, reign. The natural man - with its animalistic nature of Nephesh Bahamit (the animal soul) - is a subject of the spiritual man. Spiritual man also possesses the Nephesh Elochit (divine soul); therefore it's a matter of choice. 

We have explained this verse with God's logic. In the beginning of mankind's history man will be subservient to the flesh, as if eating first of the fruit of the knowledge of evil, but at the end he will eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good. And since it is only knowledge it must be handled wisely. 


Politics is not about wisdom, kindness and understanding but about horse-trading, winning and losing and between these two groups of spiders are the webs in which we the people are caught.

Politics, banking, hierarchies and religion are all Cain's creations and of Kenites' his proteges. No matter how you look at it we are living in the Kenite world, 666, the Beast and Antichrist exist since Cain left the Eden region for Nod. He started with the East, especially India, which is the biggest pagan country in the world. Then he settled Canaan, (Read Genesis 15:18-20, which starts with the root nation of Kenites). Kenites went on to Greece and Europe. The Christian ritual religion had spread very fast in Europe. Control of the organized religion, hierarchy, ascendancy, banking, control... etc., is what Cain is good at. But above all, keeping people in bondage and blindness, to this very day, is the Kenite main business. The biggest government and bank is religious.

America seeks freedom and as little of government involvement as possible. Cries for freedom are heard everywhere. But the free is free indeed in his or her mind. We are IN the world but not OF the world. We are in a house of bondage; to which we do not belong, but we are not bound.


Those who are in a religious bondage must be controlled lest they might forsake that bondage. As a result not only the Catholic Church shrinks, but also Anglican, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Greek and Russian Orthodox. The worry is not over the lost souls that go to hell, but the gradual loss of power, like the ancient Rome did.


Jesus started His ministry in a synagogue with no bells, pictures nor statutes and no shoutings from no tower calling people for prayer. He opened the Book of Isaiah 61 and proclaimed freedom to prisoners to those in bondage to the Pharisaic religion. Man binds. God frees. Always!

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Reports of a chemical attack in a Damascus suburb on Wednesday, Aug. 21, marked a turning point in the attitude of the United States and its allies toward the Syrian government. Disparate rebel groups have been fighting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad’s regime since 2011. Syria has responded by shooting and bombing its people, as well as committing human rights abuses against its citizens such as torture and rape.

More than 100,000 people have died and millions more, including 1 million children, have fled their homes. Many have left for Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq (map), where they face hardship while awaiting their fate in sprawling refugee camps.

The consequences of Syria’s war extend beyond its borders, as violence spills into other countries and threatens to destabilize the region. Clashes between Shia government supporters and fighters from Syria’s majority-Sunni population have prompted bomb attacks in Lebanon and Iraq. Foreign fighters have joined battles on both sides, including Hezbollah for the government and radical Sunnis for the opposition. Instability has attracted jihadist groups, which have seized territory for their own use.

The conflict has unfolded as world powers vie to advance their interests in the region. Russia, one of the Assad government's strongest allies, has repeatedly stymied western governments’ efforts to find a political solution.

The narrative in Syria is not as simple as a country’s oppressed majority fighting against an authoritarian regime. Extremist elements among the opposition make the West nervous, and Syria’s fragmented opposition lacks a clear directive. That could lead to further instability should the Assad regime fall.

Chemical weapons watchdog verifies previously inaccessible Syrian site 

(Reuters) - Global chemical weapons watchdog inspectors using footage from sealed cameras have verified one of two remaining sites declared by Syria, the organization said on Thursday.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which is charged with overseeing the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons stockpile, had already verified 21 out of 23 sites declared to the agency last month.

Two sites were considered too dangerous to reach.

"The additional site inspected is in the region of Aleppo and was one of the two sites that could not be visited earlier due to safety and security reasons," the OPCW said in a statement.

"As per the declaration by Syria, the site was confirmed as dismantled and long abandoned with the building showing extensive battle damage," it said.

Syria has proposed destroying its stockpile at a location outside the country because of ongoing fighting. More than 100,000 people have been killed and some 2.2 million people have fled during the


The progress comes after the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, suggested on Tuesday that the government of President Bashar al-Assad may not have disclosed its entire chemical weapons program to the OPCW.

Under a Russian-American brokered deal, Syria agreed to destroy its entire stockpile of toxic nerve agents and munitions by mid-2014.

Syria declared 30 production, filling and storage facilities, eight mobile filling units and three chemical weapons-related facilities. They contained about 1,300 metric tons (1,433 tons) of chemical weapons, mostly in the form of raw precursors, and 1,230 unfilled munitions.

A delegation of Syrian officials on Wednesday began talks in The Hague, where the OPCW is headquartered, to work out a detailed destruction plan by November 15.

The discussions are based on the assumption the weapons will be shipped overseas for destruction, a source involved in the talks told Reuters on Thursday.

Syria cannot afford to pay for the expensive destruction process itself and has appealed for significant foreign financing and logistical support.

(Reporting By Anthony Deutsch; Editing by John Stonestreet and Elizabeth Piper)


"It is not possible for Mr. Assad to regain legitimacy in a country where he's killed tens of thousands of his own people," Obama said. "So far, at least, Mr. Putin has rejected that logic."

Obama added: "I'm always hopeful, and I will continue to engage him."

Obama's challenge to change Putin's mind comes as China warns that any military action against Syria will push up oil prices and hurt the world economy.

Speaking in St. Petersburg Thursday, Chinese Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao said that "Military action would have a negative impact on the global economy, especially on the oil price -- it will cause a hike in the oil price," before citing estimates that a $10 rise in oil prices could push down global growth by 0.25 percent. Guangyao also urged a U.N.-negotiated solution to the chemical weapons standoff. Like Russia, China is a major arms supplier to Syria and holds veto power over any Security Council resolution.

Putin said in a published interview this week that he'd reconsider the status of a suspended S-300 missile defense contract.

"We have a contract for the delivery of the S-300s. We have supplied some of the components, but the delivery hasn't been completed," he said. "We have suspended it for now. But if we see that steps are taken that violate the existing international norms, we shall think how we should act in the future, in particular regarding supplies of such sensitive weapons to certain regions of the world."

The possibility for Russia stepping up its role in the region makes Obama's visit to Russia all the more critical. 


Israel conducted a successful test of its Arrow missile defense system in December 2005. On Tuesday September 3 2013 Israel tested another missile. Russia's official Itar-Tass news agency reported that Moscow had detected the launch of two ballistic “objects” in the Mediterranean area.

Israel test-fired a U.S.-backed missile over the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday in an unannounced move that added to jitters in the region amid possible strikes on Syria.

An Israeli warplane fired a “Sparrow” missile that was successfully detected and shot down by an interceptor shortly after 9.15 a.m. local time (3.15 a.m. ET), according to statements issued by Israel and the United States. Pentagon press secretary George Little issued a written statement confirming the move calling it a "U.S.-Israel Missile Defense test."


Copts whose church was one of dozens destroyed by Muslim Brotherhood supporters have returned to the charred house of worship, with their pastor vowing the violence suffered by his flock will make them "better Christians."

"This will learn us to be better Christians," said Pastor Sameh Ibrahim of a torched congregation in Minya, the capital of Minya Governorate in Upper Egypt, where some 14 churches were reportedly attacked in recent days.

Across Egypt, at least 60 churches have been targeted, along with Christian schools, homes, businesses and even an orphanage, according to conservative estimates. In the areas of Minya, Beni Suef, Fayoum and Assiut, Christian homes and businesses have received leaflets warning them to leave or face reprisals by Islamists, Christians said.

Christian homes and businesses in Minya have reportedly been marked with black X's to single them out for attack.


No parallels should ever be drawn between the sufferings of Jesus with the Holocaust. Jesus laid His life down of His own accord in obedience to the Father’s commandment.

[John 10:18] “No one has taken it away from Me, but I lay it down on My own initiative. I have authority to lay it down, and I have authority to take it up again. This commandment I received from My Father.” 

He did not have to lay His life down, but He did; hence, of the free will which is purely human. Only flesh-and-blood humans have the free independent will. (Spirits, winds, flames the angels do not have free will.)


Hitler was elected on the anti-Semitic ticket. The Nazi party was formed on the anti-Semitic ticket. A party walkout from the Parliament’s floor (Reichstag) forces new elections. That’s what Hitler’s Nazis did repeatedly; they wanted more seats. Another campaign with more vehement fiery anti-Jewish speeches… The more this monster (Hitler) spewed his fire against the Jew the more his party grew. People made their repeated choices for Hitler and for his policies. The anti-Semites kept on pumping up the Nazi balloon until it became Reichstag’s majority. They did not have to do that did they? While Hitler was still insignificant—knowing what he was after (he did not hide his true intentions)—they could have voted in another candidate, but they did not. CHOICE! 

Hitler became the chancellor and then took the power of president. The people relaxed by letting Hitler have a complete dictatorship over them. They did it in no other name but in the name of prejudice and hate against the Jew. CHOICE!

It was the German people’s choice. Free will. They had plenty of opportunities to not choose Hitler after so many walkouts and during new campaigns. They already knew well what kind of stew Hitler was cooking for the Jewish people and yet they kept voting for the Nazis and not for anyone else. CHOICE!

Hitler repeatedly used his anti-Jewish trump card for it worked magic for him. For more than 500 years the German people were being brainwashed with anti Jewish sentiments. People only were reading about the Jew for there was less than 1% of Jews living in Germany. An average German has hardly seen a Jew; yet, the anti-Semitic fires were being repeatedly fanned. Hitler only awakened the smoldering wick; the people let him do that until they caught the fire of supremacy over all other peoples. CHOICE!

Jesus chose to lay His life down for others, but Germans chose to destroy the Jew.

Therefore there is no comparison between Jesus and the Holocaust. A choice to be the atonement for the world, and a choice to destroy other peoples in the name of supremacy—these two choices will never come together. There are too many loose ends, which cannot ever be tied together.


The sick soul remains sick and no one can make any sense out of this terrible disease. Talking won’t help. Lip service won’t help. Lip apologies also won’t do anything for it is like a piece of a new material sewn into a very old garment; and the tearing will be worse. No one wants to repent wholeheartedly for his and her sin and the sins of their forefathers who embraced the anti God’s chosen and anti the Bible-writers and preservers people. The malady remains.


An ill person seeks comfort from another ill person to have fellowship with. Sickness must never be explained, words often make it worse. Healing of the soul begins with sorrowfulness and tears; these tears wash the soul. It is so modern to articulate things Dr. Phil style. Next pills are prescribed and therapy, until one becomes like a zombie. Then one needs medicinal marihuana and fade into space… forget it all. The malady of the soul is not hard to take out provided one wants to part with this “special” friend that soothes and comforts in order to tear apart again and again. Hitler’s tactic was to soothe the Germans; he fed them his spoonful of syrup and then terrorized them with Gestapo. When Russians reached Berlin Hitler said that (his beloved) Germans don’t deserve to live for buckling under the Soviets. He killed himself instead of the malady of his soul. Just as he killed Eva Brown he wanted to do to every German.

Education can be a powerful tool, but education does not have to be turned on like TV or opened like a book; it can be avoided and most do exactly that.

Read more



ADL Appalled at Reports that Turkish Deputy P.M. Blamed ‘Jewish Diaspora’ for Fueling Demonstrations

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay
AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici
New York, NY, July 2, 2013 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today urged the prime minister of Turkey and other government leaders to immediately, strongly and publicly reject disturbing conspiratorial statements reportedly made by the deputy prime minister who blamed, among others, the “Jewish diaspora” for instigating and fueling recent demonstrations in Turkey.

In remarks yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay reportedly claimed that the foreign media and the “Jewish diaspora” were responsible for “the conspiracy” that was “trying to block the way of Great Turkey.” According to news reports, he said, “There are some circles that are jealous of Turkey’s growth. They are all uniting, on one side the Jewish diaspora. You saw the foreign media’s attitude during the Gezi Park incidents; they bought it and started broadcasting immediately, without doing an evaluation….”

“The anti-Semitic nature of this conspiratorial statement would be disturbing if uttered by anyone in Turkey,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “It is all the more outrageous and harmful coming from such a high ranking member of the Turkish government. We share the concerns expressed by the Turkish Jewish community about the possible consequences of this rash remark.”

In a letter to Namik Tan, Turkey’s Ambassador to the United States, the League called on the prime minster and other government officials to “publicly and vociferously reject Mr. Atalay’s statement” if the reports about his remarks are accurate.

The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry.


Israel's defense chief, Moshe Yaalon, said earlier this week that Russia's plan to supply Syria with the weapons is a threat and that Israel was prepared to use force to stop the delivery.

On Monday, the European Union lifted an arms embargo on Syria, paving way for individual countries of the 27-member bloc to send weapons to rebels fighting to topple Assad's regime. The move raised fears of an arms race in the Middle East.

Israel has carried out several airstrikes in Syria in recent months that are believed to have destroyed weapons shipments bound for Hezbollah. It is not clear whether Israeli warplanes entered Syrian airspace in these attacks.

But with the Russian missiles in Syria's possession, the Israeli air force's ability to act could be limited.

Israel has lobbied Moscow over the planned sale of S-300 air-defense missiles to Syria but on Tuesday, Russia's deputy foreign minister, Sergei Ryabkov, said his government remained committed to the deal.

The S-300s have a range of up to 125 miles and the capability to track and strike multiple targets simultaneously. Syria already possesses Russian-made air defenses, and Israel is believed to have used long-distance bombs fired from Israeli or Lebanese airspace. The S-300s would expand Syria's capabilities, allowing it to counter airstrikes launched from foreign airspace as well.

Monday's decision by the EU paved the way for individual countries to send weapons to Assad's outgunned opponents. The EU's move may have little impact on the conflict since no single European country is expected to send lethal weapons to the rebels anytime soon.

Britain and France, the main military powers in the EU, had pushed for lifting the embargo. They have argued that Europe's threat of arming the rebels in the future would force Assad to negotiate in good faith.

Russia, an Assad ally, harshly criticized Europe's decision to allow the arming of Syrian rebels, saying it undercuts international efforts to bring the opposing sides in Syrian conflict together for a peace conference.

Syria claims Russia has started delivering S300 missiles

Syria's president has made an incendiary claim that Russia has begun delivery of a sophisticated missile system that has been described as a "game-changer" in the conflict.

Source: The Telegraph 

This unhealthy buildup leads to the final hour. Skeptics would like to be proven wrong when it comes to the Bible. This escalation will bring on some unexpected miraculous and inexplicable occurrences, but the status quo will continue anyway for man plays god and has deluded himself into believing that he made himself and so he can also take himself. The suicidal mentality belongs to fools and self-obsessed maniacs for the WAY OF PEACE they do not know. But will they ever get to know it? - Hardly. They will never know it; that's why they are destined (or they have destined themselves) for fire. But as for you my dear reader recognize the times and avail yourself with the supernatural knowledge of peace. 

This book introduces you to a special kind of peace; to faith and why it is so important to not have a blind faith but an educated one. 

Peace heals and restores; it mends and makes one. This kind of peace can even change your biology, your brain and even your genes. 

Your posterity will thank you for getting hold of this very important message .


BEIRUT (Reuters) - Heavy explosions shook Damascus early on Sunday and Syrian state television said Israeli rockets had struck a military research center on the outskirts of the capital.

The research center in Jamraya was the target of an earlier Israeli strike in January. Video footage uploaded onto the Internet by activists showed a huge ball of fire rising into the night sky.

Convoy of over 30 vehicles have left presidential palace in Mezzeh. Reports that buildings in same complex were touched. Israeli intervention in Syria civil war about as 'helpful' as in Lebanon civil war: exacerbating the situation in every way possible.

Syria Breaking News | Damascus Rural | Alqalamoon | May 5, 2013 At about 3:00 a.m.

Damascus time, regime warplanes began circling the sky over towns and cities in the area, particularly the Damascus-Homs highway. The planes continue to fly over the area now and it is the first time they have flown over this particular area at this time of day

Damascus: Strange odors throughout the capital city are causing runny eyes and coughing. /LCC Syria

Damascus: Massive destruction and fires are reported at the headquarters of the 4th Division in the suburb of Qudsaya, reports about defection in all the regiments and clashes within the regiments.

FSA is attacking AL Hemme in retalation to Banyas and Al Bayda massacres, and intensive use of CW in the area.

Presidential fleet is on full alert at Al Muhajereen in Damascus (FSAUnited)

Research Centre' struck by #Israel tested chemical weapons on bodies of thousands of political prisoners in #Assad jails throughout 1980s.

Regarding The Israeli Raids
May 6th, 2013 abeer

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria (LCC) deplores the Israeli raids on Syrian territory and condemns ongoing violations of the Syrian people's national sovereignty.

The LCC confirms that the Syrian regime's reckless behavior has turned Syria into a state of chaos, and the regime alone bears full responsibility for the outcome of a country that has become a playground in which regional and international powers settle their scores at the expense of the Syrian people. It is important to remember that this regime has never served as a resistance force; rather, the regime has protected Israel over the past decades. The game of "resistance" has only been used to impose repression, tyranny, and bullying of the domestic population under the pretext of external danger.

The Israeli raids targeted military installations and ammunition depots, which had been used to kill unarmed civilians -- the sons and daughters of Syria. Nonetheless, the raids can only be seen in the context of serving Israeli interests, which align in many ways with those of the Syrian regime. The regime is trying to force the country into a sectarian war and to become a divided state -- a condition that has long been a strategic goal for Israel.

Syria crisis: 'Strong evidence' of chemical attacks, in Saraqeb.

The BBC has been shown evidence which appears to corroborate reports of a chemical attack in the northern Syrian town of Saraqeb last month. Eyewitnesses and victims say that government helicopters dropped at least two devices containing poisonous gas on the town.

Watch BBC video 
What the Bible says about Syria and Damascus?



The Obama administration said Thursday that the Syrian government is likely to have used chemical weapons on a small scale against its own people, but it stopped short of threatening military action against President Bashar al-Assad.

In a letter to key lawmakers, the White House said U.S. intelligence agencies “assess with varying degrees of confidence that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in Syria, specifically the chemical agent sarin.”

Despite the caveats, the disclosure puts President Obama under new pressure to respond because it is the first time that the United States has joined other countries in suggesting that the Assad government is likely to have deployed chemical weapons over the course of Syria’s two-year-old conflict.

BEIRUT — Israeli warplanes bombed the outskirts of Damascus early Sunday for the second time in recent days, according to Syrian state media and reports from activists, signaling a sharp escalation in tensions between the neighboring countries that had already been exacerbated by the conflict raging in Syria.

Though there was no official confirmation that Israel had carried out the attack, the Israeli military later announced that it had deployed two of its Iron Dome rocket defense batteries near its northern border in response to what it called “ongoing situational assessments.”

Videos posted on the Internet by activists showed a huge fireball erupting on Mount Qassioun, a landmark hill overlooking the capital on which the Syrian government has deployed much of the firepower it is using against rebel-controlled areas surrounding the city.

The official Syrian Arab News Agency said that a scientific research facility had been struck by an Israeli missile, and a banner displayed on state television said the attack was intended to relieve pressure on rebel forces in the embattled eastern suburbs. The banner was accompanied by martial music and footage of Syrian soldiers marching, descending from helicopters and firing rockets, indicating that Syria may not shrug off the assault, as it has with some Israeli strikes in the past.

By Anne Gearan and Craig Whitlock,April 25, 2013 Washington Post

The Prophetic scoop by Hal Lindsey


Why is the German-born pope resigning? Perhaps I had something to do with it? We gave the pope our German version of the book "Truth and Illusion the Last Reformation."

The book (Truth & Illusion the Last Reformation) opens our mind to details regarding God and His subordinate angel Satan. We explain the Creator's absolute and over all of His creation sovereignty; hence also over all of His angels who, as it has been supposed for much too long, rebelled, fell, produced giants after they cohabited with women on earth. Yet, angels are winds, flames (Seraphim) and spirits and we shall be like them after resurrection (hear more) (Psalms 104:4 & Hebrews 1:7)

* Two scripture verses annul our sensational speculations regarding the supposedly fallen angels that corrupted mankind. 



Monday marks the first two burials of the 20 young children massacred at Sandy Hook Elementary School last week.

Jack Pinto, 6, is remembered as a huge football fan who loved the New York Giants. Wide receiver Victor Cruz visited Pinto's grieving family, and wrote "Jack Pinto, My Hero" on the young boy's cleats.

Noah Pozner, also 6, loved reading and figuring out how things worked mechanically, his uncle, Alexis Haller, told the Associated Press. Haller said the boy was "smart as a whip." Pozner's twin sister, Arielle, survived the shooting. He had called Arielle his "best friend."

Pinto and Pozner's funerals are scheduled for 1 p.m. in Newtown and Fairfield, Conn., respectively. 
Details On Funeral And Burial Process

The president of the Connecticut Funeral Director's Association said the funeral and burial process for Newtown victims, which began Monday with the separate burials of Noah Pozner and Jack Pinto, who both were six-years-old, is unlike anything he has seen before.

"I've unfortunately seen lots of kids who have died," said Pasquale Forino, 46, who runs Neilan Funeral Home in New London, Conn. "But this truly shakes your foundation to the core, and in a small town like Newtown, they need lots of help to handle this week of burials."

Forino and a group of morticians who have volunteered have driven to Newtown every day since Friday to help tend to families who are grieving and prepare arriving bodies for viewings and burials. The main funeral home in the town, Honan Funeral Home, is handling the process for 11 victims. Of those, Forino said he has worked on three -- all kids.

"It's not about me, it's about the families and victims. But it still affects us," he said. "We do what we can do to take care of the families. We'll deal with our own emotional needs later." 



Let me make my point first. It is my conviction that peace is the healer. Anything disjoined, or fragmented, is not of peace, which also speaks of oneness and solidity. Since the WW II America has become the ‘world’s police’ an expression I heard used by several Europeans, Germans in particular. I could go into human psychology here, but that is not the point. Out of necessity, I guess, the US was forced to fight foreign wars. Despite our shortcomings the foundation upon which we have built this Nation is solid and it should remain sound and strong. God blessed us with smartness and innovative abilities, an envy of the nations. This envy will continue and even it will increase; therefore, we either open the gates (of immigration) or shut them down for good.



Who says that religion is stupid? More than three and a half percent of the world's population claims to be religious. 

Like politics, economics or even science religion is a frame that holds a picture of the divine. And regardless how ugly, unclear or even false that picture may be, the frame itself can be quite beautiful. 

In this world of ours some frames are more valuable than the picture itself they try to portray. These elaborately ornamented picture frames attract many people who are searching for the meaning of life and they need help, but too often the picture only hinders and obscures the bright and clear light of truth. 



Iran will have enough enriched uranium for nuclear bomb by next summer: Netanyahu.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday the only way to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons was by setting “a clear red line” to stop its atomic program.
“At this late hour, there is only one way to peacefully prevent Iran from getting atomic bombs and that’s by placing a clear red line on Iran’s nuclear weapons program,” Netanyahu said in a speech at the UN General Assembly. “Red lines don’t lead to war; red lines prevent war.”


Jerusalem (CNN) – A fragile truce between Israel and Hamas appeared to hold Friday despite reports that Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian man near its border in Gaza.

The soldiers opened fire when farmers were trying to reach their land near Israeli-Gaza border, Hamas officials said. But the Israel Defense Forces said the people were rioters who attempted to breach a fence dividing Israel and Gaza.

It was the first report of a fatality since Hamas and Israel agreed to a cease-fire, forged by high-powered international diplomacy after eight days of round-the-clock warfare.



Iran carefully planned the timing. Israel was experiencing an unusual period of lull while Iran kept  supplying Gaza with an ever growing rockets arsenal and the know-how. This was carefully planned in preparation for their uranium enrichment final phase, which is now. During this crucial period of time Iran hopes, if everything goes according to their plan, the crowning achievement would be the most deadly nuclear warhead. All that now happens is only a prelude to something much worse and inconceivable. But one must only know the intensity of the hatred toward Israel and the extent of the Arab pride, which is ancient. Egypt sought to be the leader of all Arabs, but it lost in both 1967 and 1973 wars with Israel. Then came Iraq. Saddam Hussain was showing the Arab people that he can stand up to America and shoot (the SCUD) missiles to Israel, and threatened to use chemical weapons. But he also failed miserably. But will these haters learn their lessons?


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu points to a red line he drew on a graphic of a bomb while addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 27, 2012 in New York City.

If not seriously perhaps jokingly, but did Netanyahu planned to be funny? I don't think so. The threat is serious.

The jokes ‘‘are maybe part of the success because it was an unforgettable speech that delivered its message,’’ Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon told Israel’s Channel 2 TV. ‘‘Today everyone is talking about it.’’


Behind bars and not knowing
As I scan many media, from U-Tube to political and religious blogs I am grieved. People seem to have hijacked themselves and get locked up and seem to be proud of it too. Imprisoned by self-obsession and self-definitions, trying to show off self-importance and self-right. Perhaps that's the reason they are bound by party lines they have yielded their heads to for ideological shampooing. National, religious, political belongings etc, the pot is boiling and the lid is about to pop. Conspiracies like the 9/11… the Jews are behind it, the Zionists, or those in the US government, black people seek definitions in returning ‘hate favors’ to the whites, or call themselves the true Israelites in competition with the Jew and the country Israel.

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