The word khalifa means “successor” (to Muhammad), and as such, a rightful caliph can demand the allegiance of all Muslims. But historically, an applicant for the job has had to fulfill a few conditions. He (always he) must be Muslim, fully grown, devout, sane, and physically whole. Because he is theoretically meant to lead Muslims in battle, missing limbs or a sickly disposition will automatically disqualify him. He must also hail from the Quraysh tribe of the Arabian peninsula, a requirement that turns out to matter a great deal in the case of the current caliph.

There is a mystical belief that, if you just establish the caliphate in the right way, Muslims will come to you and everything will fall into place,” says Fred Donner, a historian of early Islam at the University of Chicago. And it is precisely this promise of inexorable, righteous expansion that has drawn recruits from all over the globe—not just nearby, war-ravaged nations, but England and Australia and France, too. Together, they have formed the most monstrous squad of historical reenactors of all time.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, “The agents of the Jews, the Crusaders, their slaves, their dogs and their tails on the ground did not hold against the Islamic State, and [their gains] are not going to last. The Muslims are winning, the advances of the jihadist fighters will continue until they reach Rome, with Allah’s help.”


So whatever you do, brace up and get ready for the most glorious year in your life 2015. There will be physical prosperity all around us. The love of money will increase and with it crime.

After that around 2020, or earlier, ISIS will surround Israel, in Syria, in Lebanon, in Jordan and even in Egypt. Then they will show their war prowess. They will not go east (like Cain did who then returned and settled Canaan [Gen. 15:19] in the West) ISEL/IS is seeking Caliphate State for only then they can be the leader of Islam. They have their own Islamic messiah and then they will dictate all Muslim states and will unite them waging war against Israel. Since the Jews are the masters of the Christians first, in al-Baghdadi's words, then Jerusalem must be "liberated" first.  Jerusalem is the heavy stone fro all people.

[Zechariah 12:3] It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.

That will be Armageddon. We will see God’s glory. It will be Israel’s final and super victorious war.

Jesus, in the minds of masses the founder of Christianity said:

[Luke 20:17-18] But Jesus looked at them and said, “What then is this that is written:
[18] Everyone who falls on that stone will be broken to pieces; but on whomever it falls, it will scatter him like dust.” 

You do not need believe blindly in the Bible, or dogmatically; that it is God's Word from A to Z. You do not need to believe that Moses existed or did not exist, or that there was an actual tree of knowledge Adam and Eve ate from. None of this matters. The supernatural mind of our Creator who made us also navigates us through it all.

Foremost, the Bible is a history book of a certain kind of people (read John 4:20-22). I call it the Book of Records. The keeping of genealogy (DNA) should already make you think. What is God tracing? What seed, what tare, and what dust?  Who is coming from whom and going where? Discovery, not a dogma. Also, like the Book of Revelations, you become a good judge of any character. Also, what you are drawn to, falsehood or the truth, and to what people things are being addressed. Etc. Some Greeks like anything addressed to them, and Jews like Jewish things etc. The truth is found between these two groups because truth does not favor one or another. Truth is, just as the great I AM is I AM. Period.

God does not lead us to the Council of Nicaea, or back to the so-called founding fathers of the church, or to the place where the biblical canon was finally compiled. Nor will He lead us to the 'faith movement' of Kenneth Hagin who said, "It is written, I believe it, that settles it."

Blind believing never settles anything. Believing is not something magical. You must have substance to believe in; hence this:

[John 16:13] But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come.

To believe means to accept something or someone as being true. That's just a start of which the author of Hebrews 11:6 spoke. 1. Believing that God is. 2. I seek God, study Him and explore His ways. 3. There comes the reward, and what that might be? I know Him and His ways, and when I do then what's next? You've got the answer. I started to walk with God and keep on walking with Him with what kind of feet and with what kind of a gospel? -- Feet shod with the gospel of peace. (Isaiah 52:7 & Ephesians 6:15). And who are the peacemakers (Matthew 5:9)? Aren't they called God's sons; and if they are God's sons aren't they being led of the Holy Spirit the Complete Truth (Romans 8:14)?

So we explore God. Logical chain comes from oneness and leads to the One. I call it the sequential logic or logical sequence. In order to grasp sequential logic one must look at the entire chain from above; the guide is the Spirit of Truth, the Comforter and Helper. His mind is set on oneness where understanding, knowledge and wisdom reside.

But that (initially only) may sound smart and theoretic. There must come a time when this is actually happening, and when it does, you will know. The spring of the Living Water will exuberantly gush out of you, washing you further and also others when you share the glorious "explosion of oneness". So open your mouth and share. Let it gush out from within you.


Quoting someone is fine, but it must come out from within you after you have internalized it and it has blessed you or benefited you in various ways. This benefit must be expressed to others attracting them to the same for this is the WORK of the Kingdom. It starts with seeking (the kingdom) that's a ministry. Then comes its fruit, which is righteousness. This righteousness, this fruit; must be shared producing more righteous people whose eyes are opened and whose souls are cleansed.

If you swallow the Bible without being GUIDED by the Holy Spirit  you have swallowed but a dogma and nothing else. The result? Religiousness. Beware of this demon that possessed countless many.

If the entire Bible was indeed (pious intonation) the Word of God then why would we need the Holy Spirit of Truth to lead us and guide us into all the truth? Is there also an untruth that we need to be guided away from? 

Truth is heavenly where no traffic lights nor police are necessary, where the Perfect Love casts out fear. 

We will experience that love and then we will cease theorizing. Holy Spirit will also disclose to you what is to come. That's prophetic. So today 'I believe in you oh prophet of God.' But I do not follow the prophet, but the Holy Spirit whom I must know in truth. So when the prophet speaks the Holy Spirit in me confirms it to be true. But if I am only in man's dogma (religious); carrying only sensationalism (excitable elements of just the physical senses) then I would believe but blindly. Like believing in the elected pope; him being the actual St Peter, just because he was elected. Authorities come and go, so do elections. And if I believe that the pope is the dead Peter alive through the pope's body I mystify and my faith is also mystical; hence inapplicable and impractical. You can elect an escaped from a psychiatric ward patient to be your country's president or the next Napoleon, but that authority is crazy and all those under it (who embraced it as such) swallowed craziness.

If you submit yourself to the wise his or her wisdom will come to you. If you submit yourself to a strange person his or her strangeness will be yours too. 

So it all comes down to the substance of the truth. A pastor can appoint a youth pastor/leader, but he did not know that the chap was on hard drugs. Then come 'scandals, counseling, hating sin but loving the sinner, Christ forgives; so we must not cast the first stone... etc.' We loose precious and nonredeemable time by avoiding a direct confrontation with the Truth. We delay our attainment. If we were in the Truth we would not follow authority. The Spirit of Truth leads into all the truth. 

I do not believe in any authority unless I hear LOGIC, WISDOM, SENSE, LOVE, CARE, HUMILITY etc, then that is of the Holy Spirit of truth. Through this lens we see everything around us.


You do not need to fear the Truth, for the Truth only guides and leads you to something one and complete, where deviance and deviousness are no longer possible. It makes all things one and sensible, straight and totally honest. In Jesus there was not guile not even 1% but only true wisdom. He was all truth. How about that. I want to be just like Him.

Finally. We will know what future brings for we are in the straight ways amidst crooked ways, which we see in the news. We see cynicism, hypocrisy and such... nothing has changed since the time of Christ. An evil man will not be afraid of a good man, but a good man can fear the bad man. You do not need to discern a good man, but only an evil man for such might harm you. So for this reason you need the Holy Spirit. The straight detects anything crooked. The loving detects the hateful etc... and never vice versa. Bad people who have been so long in the scheming and swindling business that when they meet a kind person they can't help it, but to con them; it comes to them automatically and quite naturally. Exploiting the weak and unsuspecting for selfish profits is so far withdrawn from compassion, empathy and any kindness that it is shocking. Lies are never blunt nor clear that's why a lie is never a lie but illusion, which a devious person creates. It is found in politics, business and religion. Those who study the Truth and are led of the Truth and keep dwelling in the Truth, spot illusion straightaway. But if they have not built yet wise defense mechanisms they will spot the con, but do not know how to go about it. I have been in such situations. There is one last man in the line of more than ten with whom I am about to sever all ties.

The only way is to completely disassociate yourself from all those illusionists, con people and swindlers; for if not you will become a victim, it's inevitable.


It's a lonely place to be of the truth my dear friend. But the search for lovers of the truth goes on and I found many good, honest and truthful ones, but some of them are not completely pure. Just as Jesus said, "Did I not choose the twelve of you and yet one of you is the devil?" And in another place He said that 'all of you are pure except one...' and so it in our life.

People do not know the Truth's delights; it's heaven on earth. The mix I just mentioned prevents them from falling completely into the arms of truth and dwelling in the Truth forever. The Spirit of Truth wants you forever and not for a day or two only; so that when an opportunity presents itself you will slip out from the arms of truth. I know people who carry many self-suiting philosophies with which they explain life's circumstances, how hard life can be, and how you have to watch your back, etc. So in this watching of your back you do the same? What fellowship do we have with swindlers? Religious piety is the offshoot which scoundrels and hypocrites practice. With cynical smiles they pretend to be the kindest and most honest people on the planet, but by their fruits [eventually] we will know them.

While I walk the path of truth I have been tested in my honesty and my deliberate choosing of the straight way. I was asked to join secret, religious and nonreligious  societies and play illusion with people. There will always be the temptation. Anything God appointed for greatness must pass the test.

Out of all these tests and trials I emerged victorious. Today all veils have fallen down. I see through and know, because the residing in me Truth does it.          

The power of religion overshadows the real power of God's truth; man chose religion over God's power. So, whatever makes sense is of the Truth; hence of God's Spirit. Whatever smells devious and double-minded is not of the truth, so that's how we know.


Great Stuff
You can read the Bible as a historical document an inspirational literature or you can study God and His character. Not everything in the Bible must be factual in order to study the Creator. Call it the Big Bang, or Evolution still we talk about sources. The water you drink comes from a source somewhere in high places. I have seen bubbling springs and I have seen brooks, creeks and rivers. Where did wheat and thistles come from? Here one would try to make philosophy, religion, dualism, like God vs Satan etc. But there is one source and it is a good idea to study that source.

Unlike the Koran, the Bible was not written by just one man, but many. Besides the Bible we also have many other books like 'Wisdom of Sirach' (Catholic). If we take only one author's book then we get indoctrinated and thus enslaved to only one viewpoint. If we take Islam, Christianity; and Judaism as religions or philosophies like Confucianism, Buddhism, Atheism or Communism then again; we get indoctrinated; bluntly put, we accept bondage. 

We need no organized religion - man's ideas, creeds and some definitions - between our heavenly Father and His children. If you feel that you are indeed God's child then you will study your Parent; everything else is but an influence of another flesh-and-blood ramblings and even rantings.

We have books upon books containing ideas of other men from Philo (from whom the word philosophy comes) to Darwin and beyond; these shape our thought processes. How about getting completely detached from their ideas, after you know them well, and coming up with something simple and less sophisticated? 

That's what I have done. I carry no burdens of creeds, man's indoctrinations and viewpoints for God's name is not 'Religion' or 'Theology'. 

There will come a time when you will be so free and completely un-confused that you will no longer even try to define anything, point your finger at and judge or even feel any indignation. You will be above it all, for the stew you have been cooking your brains in will no longer give you those flavors others are saturated with. You will be outside the pot. You will look at it all and laugh. That's the freedom Jesus came to give us and with that freedom comes the perfect love, which casts out all fear, perfect peace, which the  world cannot ever provide and the fulness of joy.  

I am no longer in any religion, so no one can argue with my political correctness. This is wonderful.


Revulsion at something horrible is one thing, but sleeping and never seeing evil is also evil. Why? Because that evil will freeze your senses and you may be the victim. If the Jewish people (Israelis) did not turn into lions after being slaughtered like sheep, and fought people like the modern Nazis Hamas, PLO or ISIS we would all be be already exterminated. If Mossad did nothing, or the Nazi Hunter Wiesenthal, we would be guilty. Yet, as Jews we must see horrors, we are peacemakers, but not pacifists when facing evil. We must know what's going on around us, so it won't catch us by surprise. Enough is enough.

King David was God's beloved, but his job was to fight Israel's enemy; hence, he was not allowed to build Beth HaMigdash (the Holy Temple), but Shlomo, the man of peace, Solomon was permitted to build the temple. One does the physical battle, but the other the peacemaking deal. I am not a soldier like the US Marine or Navy Seal. But others are anointed for it and it is of God's doing.  It is necessary. (Later you will understand Elijah and Jehu.)

David had to do the repairing for those before him (under Joshua) did not finish the job as God had commanded. God saw the future, but the Israelites did not. They were humanists, pacifists, although dread and horror fell upon all the peoples of Canaan. Even hornets were sent before the army of Israel.

In 1967 when the Israeli army entered Bethlehem the Arabs cried that they come to slaughter them and they were ready for it. But instead the Israelis smiled, shook hands and gave them chocolates. Today Bethlehem us surrounded by high walls.  No Israeli is allowed to enter Bethlehem.

When God anoints someone like Samson or Gideon He expects them to fully finish the job 100%, never partially. I am not anointed to do this. But God chooses mighty warriors to repay evil to the evildoer in His own time.

[2Samuel 22:27] With the pure You show Yourself pure, and with the perverted You show Yourself astute.

[Psalm 18:26] With the pure You show Yourself pure, and with the crooked You show Yourself astute.

How many times must I repeat myself? You may say that this is the Old Testament, in the New Testament (in Christianity) we hate sin, but love the sinner. So go ahead and love the ISIS people. Try to separate their sin from them.

We have too much religious gibberish and much foolishness in our heads, no understanding and no knowledge of God and His ways regarding this evil world ... I repeat myself again.

If we do not cleanse it of evil we will perish along with the evildoers. We live by a very thin thread of grace.

[Numbers 25:7-8] When Phinehas the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, saw it, he arose from the midst of the congregation and took a spear in his hand, [8] and he went after the man of Israel into the tent and pierced both of them through, the man of Israel and the woman, through the body. So the plague on the sons of Israel was checked.

Imagine the picture of Phineas piercing the copulating couple with his javelin.

Imagine Jehu's zeal that fell on him like a garment to fulfill Elijah's words of prophecy.

[2Kings 9:18] So a horseman went to meet him and said, “Thus says the king, ‘Is it peace?’” And Jehu said, “What have you to do with peace? Turn behind me.” And the watchman reported, “The messenger came to them, but he did not return.”   

What did he say? "What have you to do with peace?"

Most do not feel God's zeal and His righteousness but some flimsy self-righteous pacifism. Yet, God shows us all the evils in this world and tests us by this show. What do you feel and what's your reaction? Are you so much into your own self that you are scared and therefore powerless? I could go on and preach with God's zeal here and lay my life down for you... Would that delight you?

Elijah was zealous for the Lord and he felt God's heart. But Jehu executed this wrath, how? Read some more: 

[2Kings 9:22; 26] When Joram saw Jehu, he said, “Is it peace, Jehu?” And he answered, “What peace, so long as the harlotries of your mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many?” [26] ‘Surely I have seen yesterday the blood of Naboth and the blood of his sons,’ says the LORD, ‘and I will repay you in this property,’ says the LORD. Now then, take and cast him into the property, according to the word of the LORD.”

Then imagine the graphic portrayal of Jezebel's death and the fulfillment of Elijah's prophecy:

[36-37] This is the word of the LORD, which He spoke by His servant Elijah the Tishbite, saying, ‘In the property of Jezreel the dogs shall eat the flesh of Jezebel; [37] and the corpse of Jezebel will be as dung on the face of the field in the property of Jezreel,' so they cannot say, “This is Jezebel.”

David had to rectify many mistakes. Today, the Palestinian Arabs say, "Kill us first or we will kill you." The mayor of East Jerusalem, in 1980's said, we are the Canaanites you should have destroyed, just as God had commanded you to. But you failed to obey God; so now we will destroy you." This was written in the Jerusalem Post. 

Should we not see the evil acts of Hitler; gassed, starved, Jewish corpses piled up in the most evil way imaginable? Yad Vashem in Jerusalem portrays but a mild picture of the Holocaust in comparison with what really took place.

If we do not get shocked we cannot fix this world on which we supposed to shed our light.

The German people were ordered to see the corpses. Yes, they wept, but rather for their mistake; for choosing a man who campaigned on the anti-Semitic ticket spilling his vehement hatred of the Jews for 24 years, wasn't that long enough? They wept for the loss of their hope of being great and rule the world for 1000 years. It's a human thing. They knew well, yet repeatedly they kept voting for the Nazi party until they got the Reichstag's majority. That's history.

Self-pity can be evil for it is no compassion. Self-pity is powerless, but compassion channels the power of God.

[Matthew 14:14] When He went ashore, He saw a large crowd, and felt compassion for them and healed their sick.

This is God's law of healing. When you feel true compassion you must then come out from your own secure and comfortable enclosure and feel the suffering of another and seek to do something about it. In it you will find a mix of revulsion, righteous zeal and compassion. That's what Moses felt when he killed the Egyptian for beating Hebrew slave. You may feel powerless, but when that powerlessness is presented to God something supernatural happens. I felt it many times and then God's power passed through me, even raising the dead.

Self-preservation (don't rock the boat, don't wake me up, don't shock me, be nice and sweet the way we like you and the way we have imagined you... Don't surprise us...) Pacifism. To pacify like with the baby's pacifier... make the kid suck on the rubber and don't you cry...

We do have tender hearts... but not for public display. We must have thick skin for the outside... and tender hearts within, for God. That is the material He seeks.

Israel has a law, which specifically stipulates that if you knew of evil and even though you have not taken part in it; you are still guilty because you have not intervened; so tacitly you have taken part in it. Yes, a friend of mine was arrested and spent time in prison just for that.

TACIT: understood or implied without being stated. "Your silence may be taken to mean tacit agreement."


Nuclear Putin draws his inspiration from ISIS?
As Russian Federation tanks and troops poured across the border into eastern Ukraine, Vladimir Putin threatened to use his country’s most destructive weaponry.

“I want to remind you that Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations,” he said. “This is a reality, not just words.” Russia, he told listeners, is “strengthening our nuclear deterrence forces.”

Raising the specter of nuclear war over Ukraine, Russia’s Vladimir Putin is playing a new, and dangerous, game. So when he refers to repelling “any aggression against Russia” and speaks of “nuclear deterrence,” as he did on Friday, the Russian president is really warning us he will use nukes to protect his grab of Ukrainian territory.

To highlight his threat, Putin mentioned “surprising the West with our new developments in offensive nuclear weapons about which we do not talk yet.”

Also in Yalta, where the Duma was meeting, the Russian leader spoke about renouncing the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty between the U.S. and Russia. The treaty outlaws ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with ranges between 300 and 3,400 miles and is a foundation of the post-Cold War peace.

Earlier this year Russia violated a landmark arms control treaty by testing a prohibited ground-launched cruise missile. And when the State Department’s Rose Gottemoeller raised the concern in May of last year, Russian officials tried to shut down the dialogue. According to The New York Times, they “said that they had looked into the matter and consider the issue to be closed.”   

A naked woman, tied to a tree, who had been repeatedly raped by ISIS fighters. Another woman was discovered in a second village, similarly naked, tied down and repeatedly raped. The fighters, it appears, are “rewarded” by being allowed to have their way with captured women.


ISIS has received considerable world attention for its savage beheadings, executions of captured soldiers and men in conquered towns and villages, violence against Christians and Shiites, and the destruction of non-Sunni shrines and places of worship. But its barbarity against women has been treated as a side issue. Arab and Muslim governments, vocal on the threat ISIS poses to regional stability, have been virtually silent on ISIS’s systemic degradation, abuse, and humiliation of women. To the men of ISIS, women are an inferior race, to be enjoyed for sex and be discarded, or to be sold off as slaves.
When ISIS terrorists mercilessly executed Steven Sotloff, America wasn't the only country that lost a citizen. Israel did, too.

The 31-year-old U.S.-Israeli dual citizen hid his Jewish faith—and his nationality—from his ISIS kidnappers for the year he spent in captivity. He prayed secretly, fasted on Jewish holidays by faking illness and never once mentioned that he moved to Israel in 2008.

Israeli media hid his ties to the country, too, out of fear the Islamic State could persecute him based on his religion, the Guardian explained.

On Tuesday, the terrorist group released footage of a masked militant beheading the Miami native. The freelance reporter, who wrote for Time and Foreign Policy magazines, was kidnapped last summer.

Sotloff also worked for a handful of Israeli media outlets, including Jerusalem Report and the Jerusalem Post.

"We refused to acknowledge any relationship with him in case it was dangerous for him," said Avi Hoffman, editor of the Jerusalem Report. All of Sotloff's presence online was stripped of any references to Judaism and Israel to protect him.

Sotloff went missing in August 2013 while working in Syria on assignment. The ISIS terrorists held him with other hostages from Europe and the U.S.

Sotloff carefully calculated his time in the militants' hands, a former captive who was kidnapped with the journalist told Israel's Yedioth Aharonoth.

HAIFA, Israel –  Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh has no problem calling for the destruction of Israel and blaming it for attacks linked to his own party, but when his relative needs life-saving heart surgery, only Israeli doctors will do.

The stunning hypocrisy comes to light after five Hamas-backed terrorists allegedly killed 16 Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai Peninsula that borders Gaza. Although evidence points to a Hamas-backed terror operation, Haniyeh inexplicably blamed it on Israel. The suspects were later killed by Israeli Defense Forces when they tried to cross the Kerem Shalom border.

    “A person from the inner circle of the Hamas leadership did receive treatment at Beilinson Hospital."

    - Israeli government source

"Israel is responsible, one way or another, for this attack to embarrass Egypt's leadership and create new problems at the border, in order to ruin efforts to end the [Israeli] siege of the Gaza Strip,” Haniyeh claimed during in an interviews with the Hamas-run Al-Aqsa television.

Yet only a few months ago, the revelation that Ismail Haniyeh’s brother-in-law received a special permit from the Israeli government to travel into the Jewish State to receive life-saving heart surgery has come as something of a surprise.

Haniyeh’s sister Suhila’s husband suffered undisclosed heart problems four months ago that doctors in Gaza were unable to treat, according to Ynetnews. The stricken man and his wife were whisked to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva in central Israel, where he was treated, and some days later, the couple returned to Gaza.


The worst times ever are upon us.

Do you know that Jesus did not die for the sins of the world, but for yours and mine only. To those that have received Him He gave the power... Jesus came only for those under the eternal covenant God made with Abraham through Isaac?

Not all Arabs are from Ishmael. Most of them are Amalekites, Hivites, Amorites, Jebusites, Canaanites, etc. There are some who are from Ishmael and Esau, but most are those people from before Adam. God traces Adam's genes; hence we have meticulous genealogies in the Bible.

Those who receive Him are His, others will be lost forever and will never have any consciousness of existence.


Jesus came to restrain God's wrath. Through His death on the cross we have entered a time of grace.

God's nostrils were full of man's violence on account of which He destroyed Noah's world. The remnant is very important; and that's us. The lost sheep of the House of Israel are exactly that. But it is the Jewish Evangelist who brings them in and that's me. He who does not listen to me does not listen to God's voice. Such is not even able to hear, for he or she is not of My sheep. 

The ten tribes of Israel have been lost; dispersed among the nations, but God traces them through Christianity, but not the ritual one, but through World Evangelism. Preaching of the Gospel to all is the rain that falls on the righteous and the unrighteous and then comes the fruit and harvest. By their fruits you shall know them (Mat. 7:16-22). This is the Gospel of Grace.

Jesus bought for us extra time. During this time came the Holy Spirit the Teacher and Helper who leads us into all the Truth.


After Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome—the nations that invaded Jerusalem and Judah—filled up the cup of their violence. Just as it is written in Genesis 15:16, that “their wickedness is not yet complete.” Israel was going to be God’s war club an instrument of judgment upon Canaan.

[Jeremiah 51:20] He says, “You are My war-club, My weapon of war; and with you I shatter nations, and with you I destroy kingdoms.”  

If Israel were not God’s instrument of judgment then another cataclysm, like that of Sodom and Gomorrah, would have occurred. In the same way God’s nostrils were full of man’s violence during the Roman period.

Rome respected military power, enslavement and total and most cruel subjugation. God was about to wipe out the world. The last chance for the world was Jesus. That’s why He had to die and restrain God’s fiery wrath.

Fire and wrath are closely related when it comes to God’s garments; however; His heart is compassionate. His garments are a consuming fire for the wicked, but His compassionate heart for His chosen beloved; and not necessarily His anointed vessel. - These two should never be confused.

Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, even Caesar, all were anointed, appointed for a job upon the earth. Therefore, the Bible teaches us about hirelings (even His anointed), and sons.

I am His son and I do not work for wages. I live by His grace. So, join me in those last days, I will give you the right food to survive. I am God's second born, after Jesus.

God knows His own and for that reason he sent His firstborn to hold God's wrath back, and He did. We are the siblings of Jesus.

This 2000+ year long period of grace comes to an end. By 2020 we will see Antichrist, in many forms. Daniel’s prophecy will soon unfold.

Read The Bible, 2 Peter 3:10-12
Only the remnant shall be saved the Bible teaches. Out of the tares, and the field only the good seed belongs to God. (Matthew 13:30; 38). The other two (field and tares) serve as housing or the milieu in which we grow develop and become fruitful. That is the reason why most do not get it and will never get. And no one has to agree with me. I state facts here. Period. So, who are you?

You cannot say that it is my opinion or my teaching as if there are alternatives. No. There is no alternate explanation. However, you can choose whatever you want. Blessed is the one who knows.

It is the 100% truth and what you do with it is up to you, which will determine where you will stand in these last days.

Be alert and cleave to the Lord for He will supernaturally save you in the hour of great tribulation.

PS. No matter how many words you use to make people understand; some have blank minds and disconnected brains... differently traveling neurons that do not connect.

Read more

Open: Mind & Brain and follow the link - Read More.

"For some strange reason we have used our free-will and chose to exalt just the physical faculty of our brain instead of the mind. Human brain is only a receptacle, interpreter of all incoming messages, subconscious or conscious and also a broadcaster. A finely attuned brain can pick up signals from beyond this physical realm. The human brain is able to process intricate information and solve many complexities because it connects and unifies. However, it needs to be trained and that takes time."
For some strange reason we have used our free-will and chose to exalt just the physical faculty of our brain instead of the mind.
The human brain is only a receptacle, interpreter of all incoming messages, subconscious or conscious and also a broadcaster. A finely attuned brain can pick up signals from beyond this physical realm. The human brain is able to process intricate information and solve many complexities because it connects and unifies. However, it needs to be trained and that takes time.
- See more at:
For some strange reason we have used our free-will and chose to exalt just the physical faculty of our brain instead of the mind.
The human brain is only a receptacle, interpreter of all incoming messages, subconscious or conscious and also a broadcaster. A finely attuned brain can pick up signals from beyond this physical realm. The human brain is able to process intricate information and solve many complexities because it connects and unifies. However, it needs to be trained and that takes time.
- See more at:
+ Click to see / Mind & Brai
+ Click to see / Mind & BrainAnything they cannot physically touch or taste is make-believe.  


A Palestinian public opinion survey carried out at the end of the summer’s Gaza war showed that Hamas is more popular than ever, and that most local Arabs are eager to continue the campaign of violence against Israel.

Conducted by the Ramallah-based Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, the poll began by asking respondents who won the latest Gaza flare-up.

An overwhelming 79 percent majority of Palestinians from both Gaza and West Bank said Hamas had clearly won the war, while just 3 percent said Israel had walked away victorious.

Despite the vast destruction visited upon Gaza, 94 percent of respondents said they were pleased with Hamas’ performance, and 86 percent would like rocket fire against Israel to continue.

Over 70 percent said they supported rocket fire from the West Bank, too, until Israel complies with Palestinian demands.

The poll revealed that if elections were held today, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh would easily defeat Mahmoud Abbas for the Palestinian Authority presidency.

ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or al-Sham. ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Levant describes a territory far greater than simply Iraq and Syria. The Levant today consists of the island of Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and part of southern Turkey.

The Islamic State has warned Christians, possibly for the last time, saying "there is nothing to give them but the sword." Across Northern Iraq, Christians are huddled in refugee camps, trapped in the desert, or trapped in their homes, waiting for death.

Christians were warned to either leave the city of Mosul and other areas under Islamic State control, or they would have to pay a tax or be put to death. Today, nobody has heard from those Christians and nobody knows what is happening to them.

Are they being quietly "put to the sword" as this militant strain of Islam asks they be?

The Human Rights Watch reported on July 14 that homes in Mosul were painted with red letters to indicate Christian homes. Other homes of Shiite Muslims were also adorned.

Christians who have escaped reported being deprived of all their belongings except their clothes. Jewelry, money, automobiles, even food and water were confiscated on the edge of town as Christians were forced to pass through Islamic State checkpoints.

Most recently, thousands of Aramean families had already escaped the Mosul region to the Nineveh province, after the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorists rampaged the area. The Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of St. Matthew, including its fourth-century Monastery of Mor Matay, and other local dioceses have been closed.

The Nineveh plains are now emptied from its native Christians, who belong to the Syriac Orthodox, Syriac Catholic, Chaldean and Assyrian (Nestorian) churches in the region. This is the second region that has been emptied from its Aramean population for the first time in its millennia-old history. Thus, an ancient civilization, cultural heritage and population have been destroyed and erased from Iraq’s future.

The majority, if not all, of the local Muslim population apparently did not fear their lives to abandon their homes, while the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters suddenly retreated. The withdrawal of the Kurds is striking, particularly in light of a similar situation that took place a few days ago where thousands of Yezidi men, women and children were abandoned and sacrificed to ISIS by the Peshmerga.


Obviously we can read Putin's mind; he wants to regain all the former Soviet Republics. Putin is not a creator, but an opportunist feeding on what others have. Ukraine was once called the Bread Basket of Europe.

Putin is poor in legitimacy. He is poor in his ability to deliver goods and dignity for his people. But he is rich in brazenness. He is rich in his ability to play by the lawlessness of the jungle, so he wants the whole world to operate by jungle rules.

There has been a norm, generally operating over the past few decades, or even centuries, that big, powerful nations don’t gobble up everything around them just because they can. But this is precisely the norm that Putin is brazenly crushing under foot. If Putinism can effectively tear down this norm, more and more we’ll live in a world in which brazenness is rewarded and self-restraint is punished.

Then there are the Islamist movements like the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. This movement is poor in offering a lifestyle that most people find attractive. But it is strong in spiritual purity, so it wants to set off a series of religious wars and have the world organized by religious categories.

Many prophecies come to pass. It would take us at least a week to go over all the Bible prophecies that refer to the current events.  The brutal evil deed of the ancients are upon us today. Time stopped and all clocks refused to move forward. The sun sets on humanity and stars don't twinkle anymore but weep for mankind.

God had destroyed the earth because of man's violence. Every imagination of their hearts was evil continually.

European and American youth converts to Islam, is being brainwashed and then joins ISIS. The resident in their genome ancient violence has never evolved. Progress, education and better understanding find no place in those people's brains. Bestial instincts cloud their brains. They are being financed by the super rich who are bored just having money, so they must play with it at the expense of other people until the monster they have been so luxuriously feeding will come to eat them. Once that happens all Muslims will make as their priority to overwhelm Israel with their numbers.

Missiles can be shut down. They know now that it is not as efficient way of destruction as they have imagined. Since they are suicidal anyway they will "martyr" themselves for their religion. Their misery is not the State of Israel but the inner turmoil and unceasing restlessness as declared by God regarding Ishmael.

[Genesis 16:12] 12 He will be a wild donkey of a man, His hand will be against everyone, and everyone’s hand will be against him; And he will live to the east of all his brothers.

Muhammad did not bother to incorporate into Koran this part of the Bible. Christianity comes from the Jews and so does Islam.

Any nuclear warhead sent from Iran would be shut down with even a more sophisticated anti-ballistic system then the Iron Dome.

The Bible is clear about the masses.

[Joel 3:1-2; 12; 14-15; 19-20] For behold, in those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, [2] I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat. Then I will enter into judgment with them there On behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel, Whom they have scattered among the nations; And they have divided up My land.

Let the nations be aroused And come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat, for there I will sit to judge all the surrounding nations. [14] Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision. [15] The sun and moon grow dark and the stars lose their brightness. [19] Egypt will become a waste, and Edom will become a desolate wilderness, Because of the violence done to the sons of Judah, in whose land they have shed innocent blood. [20] But Judah will be inhabited forever And Jerusalem for all generations.

The Apple of God's Eye - Israel
The first ring of of the surrounding Israel nations is Egypt, Jorda Syria and Lebanon.

To the west the Northern African Arab countries. The second larger ring is Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan.

The third ring encompasses Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Chad and Libya.

These three rings will come against Israel. The remotest third ring (the remote parts of the north) is Gomer,  Gog and Magog. 

[Ezekiel 38:2-6] Son of man, set your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him [3] and say, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “Behold, I am against you, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal. [4] I will turn you about and put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you out, and all your army, horses and horsemen, all of them splendidly attired, a great company with buckler and shield, all of them wielding swords; [5] Persia, Ethiopia and Put with them, all of them with shield and helmet; [6] Gomer with all its troops; Beth-togarmah from the remote parts of the north with all its troops--many peoples with you.

Ancient Territories
The lands of Beth Togarmah and Gomer were the ancient areas of present day Turkey, which is moving back to its original Ottoman Empire Islamic roots. Once again Turkey is allying itself with the Islamic, which will seek to invade and destroy the nation of Israel.

Prophet Joel describes God's hook in the enemy of Israel mouth. And like beasts they will be drawn to their own extermination.

Muslims do not know the Bible as we do; and are absolutely uninterested in this Book Of Great Intelligence... lest they might lose their hateful spunk. They are willing to die for their ideals and love violence. Women are spoils of war to be traded like cattle although women gave birth to these beasts. This is something demonic and diabolical; Hitler-like. Like the Garasene man who was loaded with the dead souls of the Roman legion. This demonized man lived in the tombs displaying violence on himself. So it is the case now with ISIS. They have opened themselves up to the evil spirits conjured up by their spiritual clerics. Although Islam explicitly forbids learning, teaching and practicing magic” as well as consulting magicians, fortune-tellers and wizards still, Jihad is a form of witchcraft. As through witchcraft one seeks to control another; through Jihad one terrorizes another. Either way, fear is the tool used in both cases. Some reports say that Jihadists have stolen several commercial jetliners in Libya, raising concerns with intelligence officials about 9/11-style terror strikes as the 13th anniversary approaches.

For behold, in those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem.  

This is the time of restoration of Judah and Jerusalem. Hamas leaders have declared that they are not after the lifting of Gaza's blockade, or easing any imposed by Israel restrictions (for security reasons), but their objective is Jerusalem.

[Zechariah 12:3]  It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.

Clearly, we have the hook and the heavy stone Jerusalem. Not so long ago we could not imagine that missiles can be shut down the way the Israel's Iron Dome system does and the success has been phenomenal. If Teheran shoots a missile like the Russian-made SCUD Saddam Hussein used, such missile can be shut down over Iraq and Jordan by Israel's Arrow system. 

What is happening today is that both Hezbollah in the North, and Hamas in the south only test Israel's defensive capabilities. But the frustration mounts, and this frustration will eventually spill over on that fateful day at the battle of Armageddon, which has come closer than ever before.


A strong sense of pride, affects the inner cortex of our brain. When one has found pleasure in that pride, e.g., supremacist sentiments, then it would be very difficult, if not completely impossible, to alter this kind of disposition.

The psychological makeup of supremacist sentiments, is an over inflated self-image, often mixed with an overbearing self-love and self-loathing.

Self-love and self-loathing often fight each other for supremacy. In need of definitions, and so, too often, this inner war is extended.

Supremacy needs nourishment; supremacist literature, speeches and lectures feed self-love while starving out the self-loathing. To ease this inner turmoil, one redirects and aims at the target one may deem as being inferior, and worthy of punishment.

This Ping-Pong battleground, always seeks to legitimize its actions. One juggles between bad actions versus worse actions, thus a severe action feels justified. Self-pity also plays an important role for it seeks to attract a one-sided sympathy.

A self-invented philosophy creates the twists and turns in order to prevent moral responsibility. By then, morality plays no meaningful role; it is suppressed, and pushed away, and that in turn is from pity, which hates responsibility.

This inner struggle between good and evil, and the worse evil, is very complex, and if not addressed and dealt with; it will bring utter destruction.

This complex psychology enfolds right before us today.


The Gaza Palestinians cannot stop hating Israel. It's just impossible. That hate is being nurtured and fed each day. Hamas exploited this sentiment quite well and the people gave in to it in no time and (democratically) elected Hamas leadership to speak out for them.

They rejoiced and danced on the streets when Saddam Hussein dropped the SCUD missiles on Tel Aviv. 'An enemy of my enemy is my friend' is the common prevailing mentality.

Under Ariel Sharon the then prime minister, Israel withdrew from Gaza and accords were signed. There was no blockade over Gaza. They build their own International Airport and seaport, but they also agreed to remain demilitarized. Things were going well for them until they elected Hamas. In no time tunnels were built from within private homes first toward Egypt. Through these tunnels weapons were smuggled as well as on board of ships and perhaps even cargo planes. Then tunnels toward Israel were also build; with greater sophistication; as money from oil-rich Arab states kept pouring in.

Hamas was preparing to hit Israel, but got impatient and that's their typical nature (read the Bible about the sons of impatience). Inner hatred cannot boil for too long. Like a pressure cooker it must give vent.

The true nature of a terrorist is to terrorize and that's what they started to do. This indiscriminate shooting of rockets into populated areas of Israel looks to me like a rabid biting dog. Rationality and tactic plays no role, but only sentiments of hatred. Psychologically speaking, this sort of a mindset goes no further than an immediate gratification. It is as addictive as heroin to an addict. A terrorist gets an instant high, and in this weird way appeases the inner turmoil… until the next time.


Today Hamas amassed between 10,000 to 15,000 rockets and some of them are long-range missiles. God forbid they should have chemical or biological weapons, which can always backfire when winds shift their way.


Anti-Semitic attitudes are persistent and pervasive around the world, with more than one-in-four adults "deeply infected with anti-Semitic attitudes," the Anti-Defamation League said Tuesday, as it released the results of a global anti-Semitism survey.

The sleeping anti-Semitism has awakened and goes out to the streets of Europe and the US spewing its vehement hatred. “Allahu Akbar” chants heating up Islamic religious fervor ridiculing the authors of the Bible saying that the 'Jews will drown in the sea and Moses will not be there to part it for them.' What else can they do? This kind of sickness is like the methane gas; if it is not let out it will poison the swelled up with hate balloon.

Allah and Elohim are at war? Is Satan behind it?   


We see that in the Bible where the self-loving Egyptians had to be fought. Human self-loving gods were introduced to the Almighty God, whom they did not know nor did they want; what they wanted were His people they kept as slaves. Egyptians did not know that Israelites were God’s chosen. Even the choosing of people (for the world) was too much to bear; and supremacy seeks to invalidate God’s choices by proving to those ‘chosen’ that it is not them who are chosen. Usually, self imagines grandiose things and falls prey to at the same time.

In ancient times the competition was over gods, and in this case it was: our gods versus your ‘imaginary’ God. And this ‘imaginary’ God can only be proven so by defeat on a battleground. Gods’ victory over others (like infidels) was accompanied with sacrifices, etc. These sentiments helped shaping Greek mythology: vicariously, gods fighting their heavenly wars through humans. To a certain extent it was the Israelite mentality also. But the battle was not among gods of air, fire, wind or the sea, but between the Creator and His creature the Homo sapiens.  


All supremacists’ sentiments are always combative and nothing has changed. A tag of war continues.    

Into this sentiment, especially the German people gave in to during the Nazi era. It’s just too pleasurable to give it up.

In USA this addiction to supremacy is also evident, from KKK to skinheads to white power. These people just let their evil sentiments out publicizing them.

There are countless many who keep it all bottled up inside, but let it out occasionally, particularly in politics.

Wisdom is never superior for it works on the principle of sharing and hence education. It does not mean that only one is wise, while others must sit quietly and listen.


[John 13:12-16] Do you know what I have done to you? You call Me Teacher and Lord; and you are right, for so I am. If I then, the Lord and the Teacher, washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I gave you an example that you also should do as I did to you. Truly, truly, I say to you, a slave is not greater than his master, nor is one who is sent greater than the one who sent him. 

(Speaking of God the Father who sent His Son.)

Correlate it with [John 14:28] I go to the Father, for the Father is greater than I.

Jesus was very humble and He wanted us to have His glory and the same oneness with the Father (John 17).

He wanted us to do even greater works than He had done (John 14:12).

And finally He said this: [Luke 6:40] a blind man cannot guide a blind man, can he? Will they not both fall into a pit? A pupil is not above his teacher; but everyone, after he has been fully trained, will be like his teacher.

So there comes an arrival and one can even become greater than his or her teacher.


When one is actually willing to tear down the old structures and is ready to build new; then that would be indeed a great achievement. However, that can only happen when one recognizes the self-made prison.

Humility is nothing more than making oneself into a hollow empty vessel and in so-doing one prepares to be filled with something better and higher than what one had before.


Israelis were once again left dumbfounded by the behavior of the American Administration after US President Barack Obama on Monday appeared to be using Hamas terrorism as leverage to get Israel to resume peace negotiations under Palestinian terms.

President Obama dropped his bombshell, suggesting that he’d only press the issue of Gaza’s disarmament in the context of a final status peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The latest round of US-brokered peace talks broke down after the PA unilaterally sought UN recognition outside the framework of an agreement.

“The President stressed the US view that, ultimately, any lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must ensure the disarmament of terrorist groups and the demilitarization of Gaza,” the White House press secretary announced.

What is really angering a lot of Israelis is the fact that the demilitarization of Gaza was a primary Palestinian obligation when the so-called “Oslo Accords” were signed 20 years ago, as Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz has pointed out in a number of recent interviews and press briefings.

“Gaza was supposed to be totally demilitarized. That is a Palestinian commitment signed on the White House lawn 20 years ago,” Steinitz told CNN, noting that former President Bill Clinton and those involved at the time all recognized the necessity of disarming Gaza as a fundamental step toward peace.

That Obama is now using, and allowing the Palestinian Authority to use the overly exaggerated militarization of Gaza as leverage against Israel is further proof to many Israelis that the American government cannot be trusted to honor or guarantee any agreement signed by the Jewish state.

(Excerpts from


No one considers history as if it does not exist. Can you negotiate with terrorists, which Yasser Arafat was? Now Abbas joined Hamas and all is but alas... regretful.

Starting with 70 AD to 1947-48 the Arab Israeli war of independence. May 15 1948 the State of Israel is born. Six Days War 1967, Yom Kippur War 1973, Lebanon War, giving up of Gaza, war with Hezbollah. 

Just look at the history and learn the truth. Politics is not about sides that whichever side splashes is favored. That's what Obama is doing favoring the terrorists who have proven their murderous tactics. To those people life has but a little if not at all. This screwed up mentality is just a game. Scoring a victory by blowing up people, all for public opinion and to raise Arab outcry.

[Isaiah 59:8] They do not know the way of peace, And there is no justice in their tracks; They have made their paths crooked, Whoever treads on them does not know peace.


GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Escalating their ground offensive, Israeli troops backed by tanks and warplanes battled Hamas militants in a crowded neighborhood of Gaza City on Sunday. 

The fighting, including heavy Israeli tank fire, killed scores of Palestinians, forced thousands to flee their homes and left dozens of homes destroyed.

Palestinian militants have fired 2,000 rockets at Israel in recent days, Kerry added, so many that Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to interrupt calls with President Obama because there was a siren going off.

An Egyptian-brokered cease-fire was rejected by Hamas last week after the group said it was not consulted over the truce. Egypt's new government is hostile to the Muslim Brotherhood of its last president Mohammed Morsi, who was ousted last year, and by extension to its counterpart in Gaza, Hamas.

Since the conflict began almost two weeks ago, 410 Palestinians have died with 3,000 wounded, according to Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Kidra. Five Israeli soldiers and two civilians have also been killed.


The Bible

[Amos 1:7] “So I will send fire upon the wall of Gaza and it will consume her citadels.

[Zephaniah 2:4] For Gaza will be abandoned And Ashkelon a desolation; Ashdod will be driven out at noon and Ekron will be uprooted.

Ashkelon and Ashdod belonged to Philistia, but today these two cities are Israeli. Prophets Amos, Zephaniah and Zechariah spoke figuratively of Gaza inhabitants, rather than about these two cities specifically.  Also Ekron was a Philistine city where Beelzebub worship came from. [2Kings 1:2] And Ahaziah fell through the lattice in his upper chamber which was in Samaria, and became ill. So he sent messengers and said to them, “Go, inquire of Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron, whether I will recover from this sickness.” [3] But the angel of the LORD said to Elijah the Tishbite, “Arise, go up to meet the messengers of the king of Samaria and say to them, ‘Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are going to inquire of Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron?’ [6] They said to him, “A man came up to meet us and said to us, ‘Go, return to the king who sent you and say to him, “Thus says the LORD, ‘Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are sending to inquire of Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron? Therefore you shall not come down from the bed where you have gone up, but shall surely die.’”’”

[2Kings 1:16] Then he said to him, “Thus says the LORD, ‘Because you have sent messengers to inquire of Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron--is it because there is no God in Israel to inquire of His word?--therefore you shall not come down from the bed where you have gone up, but shall surely die.’”

In the New Testament we find this Philistine god again. Jesus was accused of casting out demons by Beelzebul; this name is derived from Baal, which in modern Hebrew means lord, master and husband. 

[Mark 3:22] The scribes who came down from Jerusalem were saying, “He is possessed by Beelzebul,” and “He casts out the demons by the ruler of the demons.”

[Zechariah 9:5] Ashkelon will see it and be afraid. Gaza too will writhe in great pain; also Ekron, for her expectation has been confounded. Moreover, the king will perish from Gaza, and Ashkelon will not be inhabited.

Ashdod is Israel's port city second to Haifa. From the biblical view these cities have been redeemed and thrive under Israel's control. 

Many Palestinian Arabs - Israeli citizens - enjoy peace and prosperity under Israel.  They have noticed that living in peace with Israel has its benefits. Many Muslim Imams know that this entire strip of land we call Israel belongs to the Jews, for so declared no one else but Muhammad in the Koran. The more they educate themselves in a peaceful manner the better they know their prophet and his book. Therefore, Muslims need proper teaching and they do respond accordingly. Other brainwashing teachings also work "wonders" to the point of Muslims blowing themselves up for the false cause.

Gaza in history

Actually Israel did not want Gaza, but it fell into Israeli hands during the six days war in 1967. However, Gaza prior to that, Egypt held the Gaza Strip between 1948 and October 1956 and again from March 1957 to June 1967. From September 1948, until Nasser's dissolution in 1959, the Gaza Strip was officially administered by the All-Palestine Government. Although largely symbolic, the government was recognized by most members of the Arab League. Following its dissolution, Egypt did not annex the Gaza Strip but left it under military rule pending a resolution of the Palestine question. 

The All-Palestine Government was an entity established by the Arab League on 22 September 1948, during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, purportedly to provide a Palestinian government for Palestine. After the War, the Gaza Strip was the only former-Mandate territory under the jurisdiction of the All-Palestine Government. However, the members of the Government were consequently removed to Cairo, and had little or no influence over events in Gaza.

We are a generation that settles the land, and without the steel helmet and the cannon's fire we will not be able to plant a tree and build a home.

This is from a funeral oration delivered in April 1956 by Moshe Dayan, then chief of the Israel Defense Forces. Dayan, a seminal figure in Israeli history, was honoring a settler killed in a kibbutz near the border with the Gaza Strip, then technically under Egyptian control. The thin slice of land had seen an influx of Palestinian refugees after Israel's 1948 war of independence, as Israeli forces seized and razed myriad Palestinian villages. Neighboring Arab states had fought against Israel's creation.

Israeli Major General in the Reserves Ariel Sharon (2nd R), Lieutenant General Haim Bar Lev (3rd L) and Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan (C) confer October 17, 1973 during the 1973 Middle East War in this handout photo released by the Government Press Office. REUTERS/Government Press Office/Handout

Dayan was sanguine not just about the strength of arms needed to win and protect a homeland for the Jewish people, but about its effects on the Palestinians displaced and dispossessed as a result. "Let us not cast the blame on the murderers today," he said in the same speech, referring to the Palestinians behind the attack on the kibbutz. "Why should we deplore their burning hatred for us? For eight years they have been sitting in the refugee camps in Gaza, and before their eyes we have been transforming the lands and the villages, where they and their fathers dwelt, into our estate."

A decade later, Israel took control of Gaza following the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

[Source: Washington Post]

One can see that Israel was not about the oppression of Palestinians, for they were oppressed enough. This also explains Hamas's hostility toward the new Egyptian president who suppresses the Muslim Brotherhood, which was sympathetic to Hamas and Gaza. 

At this stage 13 Israeli soldiers are dead and one captured. This will lead to further escalation of violence in the region.


While the people of Gaza suffer under the Hamas terror regime that brings them violence and destruction, Hamas leader, Ismail Haniya and his cronies jet off to luxurious safety in Qatar.

Eat and drink and be merry.

For the love of their country and the love of their people you run to safety. You order your human shields to return to their homes and guard your deadly arsenal but in the name of what?  In the name of Allah, hardly so. In the name of your despicable hate, which no boundaries can contain. Keep on spilling blood until you'll be drained of your own. The beloved Palestine will never fall on your crooked lap for you are forfeiting your future and dashing any hopes.  

Stuff your plane with your human shields and take them with you to Qatar. 





“At present we have a problem with the territory called Gaza,” the prime minister said. But he noted that the West Bank is 20 times the size of Gaza, and vowed that he was not prepared “to create another 20 Gazas” in the West Bank.

[Isaiah 61:1] For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not keep quiet, until her righteousness goes forth like brightness, and her salvation like a torch that is burning [NASB].
On the fourth day of Operation Protective Edge, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a strong and sternly open rebuke to John Kerry, Barack Obama, and any one else who would seek to pressure Israel to relinquish control over the West Bank.
“I think the Israeli people understand now what I always say: that there cannot be a situation, under any agreement, in which we relinquish security control of the territory west of the River Jordan” — a reference to the Jordan Valley and the West Bank — as Kerry had urged during a US-led peace effort that collapsed in April.
Citing by name both Kerry and the US security adviser Gen. John Allen, who was charged by the secretary of state to draw up security proposals that the US argued could enable Israel to withdraw from most of the West Bank, including the Jordan Valley, Netanyahu said passionately, “I told John Kerry and General Allen, the Americans’ expert: We live here, I live here, I know what we need to ensure the security of Israel’s people.”
“Adjacent territory has huge importance,” Netanyahu said, and could be used by terrorists to dig tunnels and to fire rockets. The closer terrorists can get to Israel’s borders, he said, the more rockets they fire — as the current conflict was proving. 


Whether indeed Netanyahu said what he said or not, according to the Bible and its writer, God, there is no way that the Philistines or Canaanites will ever possess the Promised Land. The Land belongs to the Jewish survivors (mostly from Judah for Judah went to Babylon, by which time Israel was already dispersed; and when Judah returned to Jerusalem they came as Jews. During their absence Arabs moved in and that's when we come upon the first mentioning of Arabs in the Bible).   

Note: The word Arab comes from Aravah, desolation and wilderness.

Jews returned from Hitler's Holocaust and then established Kibbutzeem (collective farming), drained the swamps, planted trees and made the desert bloom again.  The British left then came the UN partition after which came the proclamation "The State of Israel is Born."  

At the point of giving Gaza to the Palestinians Israel started to run a test. Obviously Hamas, which won the elections by popular vote and now, united with Fatah, will never give up their struggle against the "occupiers of their land Palestine." 

When Saddam Hussein bombed Israel with his SCUD missiles the Palestinians rejoiced. Now they rejoice that Hamas keeps on firing thousands of rockets and longer range missiles terrorizing Israel; for that is all they know, terror.  They rejoice even though their houses are leveled with hundreds dead. They don't dare to speaks up against their beloved Hamas for they are equally being terrorized; and in a weird way love it. These people seem to not know love, joy and peace but only bondage and a twisted sense of blind belief and obligation. 

The rocket launchers are located in densely populated areas. When Israel retaliates they first send a warning, leaflets and duds, giving them ten minutes to evacuate and then they shoot. What is Israel aiming at? - Not the people but the rocket launchers and the weapons of terror. Those who heed the message do survive, but come back to a rubble. It's not the same with the Hamas terrorists who shoot wherever the rocket goes as long as it goes toward the inhabited places of Israel. Perhaps one of these rockets will land on the temple mount, wouldn't that be something?

The Gaza test proved that no Palestinian Arab wants peace with Israel. Deeds speak louder than words. Based on this failed test Israel has no other choice but to end it all. But how and when, we do not know, but Israel will end it somehow. 


The Arabs do not believe in the State of Israel and that State's right to exist and yet at the same time they want their own state. According to the (Christian) Gospels 'what you saw you must reap, the way you want to be treated you must treat others', etc.  

Go figure. How is it possible to make peace and live side by side when one has a state and the other is deprived of it? In the name of what? How can you talk peace with people who in your mind are nonexistent? Yet, a country with parliament, president and prime minister constitutes a state, which the Palestinians turn a blind eye to. Naturally so, they ignore Israel, and the longer they do so the less and less they will have... if ever. 

At this point both sides won't give up territory of any kind; be it rhetorically, politically or actually. The vise's clamping teeth do come closer and soon they will lock so tight, irreversibly and retractably that any new peace initiatives will be buried and rise no more

Fools of their own making remain in their delusional state for so it is written:

[Isaiah 47:10-11] “You felt secure in your wickedness and said, ‘No one sees me,’ your wisdom and your knowledge, they have deluded you; for you have said in your heart, ‘I am, and there is no one besides me.’ [11] But evil will come on you which you will not know how to charm away; and disaster will fall on you for which you cannot atone; and destruction about which you do not know will come on you suddenly [NASB].


I have never heard anyone explaining this verse in a sensible way. What we hear is a bunch of sensational stuff, which too many have been addicted to. Strong words? Perhaps? Sometimes one must tear down the old in order to build something new and better.  

[Daniel 9:26] Then after the sixty-two weeks the Messiah will be cut off and have nothing, and the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. And its end will come with a flood; even to the end there will be war; desolations are determined [NASB].

Pay attention to the Book of Daniel for he specifically speaks of the Messiah who will be cut off. Then in the next verse he speaks about the Abomination of Desolation (Aravah, Arab and Islam).

[27] And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate.” 

Now read the words of Jesus:

[Matthew 24:15-16] “Therefore when you see the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION which was spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), [16] then those who are in Judea must flee to the mountains.

Obviously Daniel speaks of the Roman period, destruction of the temple (9th of AV 70 AD) and another exile. Then comes the establishment of the Roman Catholic church, (Byzantium) then in circa 600 AD comes Islam. Jerusalem eventually falls into the Islamic hands. The Dome of the Rock and the Mosque of Omar are setup in the place where they should not be (holy place).

This has already taken place. What is about to take place is the greater Israel, which the current events usher in. The temple will be rebuild, but not that God wills it, but rather man.

[Jeremiah 3:15-16] Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will feed you on knowledge and understanding. [16] It shall be in those days when you are multiplied and increased in the land,” declares the LORD, they will no longer say, ‘The ark of the covenant of the LORD.’ And it will not come to mind, nor will they remember it, nor will they miss it, nor will it be made again.

But man will build the temple and the Messiah, who was cut off, will come again.

[Malachi 3:1-4] Behold, I am going to send My messenger, and he will clear the way before Me. And the Lord, whom you seek, will suddenly come to His temple; and the messenger of the covenant, in whom you delight, behold, He is coming,” says the LORD of hosts. [2] “But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire and like fullers’ soap. [3] He will sit as a smelter and purifier of silver, and He will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver, so that they may present to the LORD offerings in righteousness. [4] Then the offering of Judah and Jerusalem will be pleasing to the LORD as in the days of old and as in former years.

Obviously, this Messiah will come not as a lamb, but as a judge. This kind of a messiah Jews are waiting for. The first coming was to find the lost sheep of the house of Israel dispersed all over the world and mixed with the Gentiles (Matthew 10:6 & 15:24). It is so because of Romans 11:25. Anything else is confusing brought upon competition. Church has been grafted into the cultivated olive tree by grace UNTIL... There is the fulness of time. Paul completes it with [32] For God has shut up all in disobedience so that He may show mercy to all.

The greatest mistake most Christians make (leadership) is dualism as if Satan has plans of his own and he interferes with God's plans. This wobble confuses. The Sovereign over all creation God is fully in charge of times and epochs. However,  to a certain extent He permits man to have his way too, (in His permissive will), but ultimately His perfect will shall be done.

We are coming to an end of the Gentile age where all sheep have been gathered. We are being ushered in to a brand new reality, but barely a prelude to the coming of our Messiah.
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