No parallels should ever be drawn between the sufferings of Jesus with the Holocaust. Jesus laid His life down of His own accord in obedience to the Father’s commandment.

[John 10:18] “No one has taken it away from Me, but I lay it down on My own initiative. I have authority to lay it down, and I have authority to take it up again. This commandment I received from My Father.” 

He did not have to lay His life down, but He did; hence, of the free will which is purely human. Only flesh-and-blood humans have the free independent will. (Spirits, winds, flames the angels do not have free will.)


Hitler was elected on the anti-Semitic ticket. The Nazi party was formed on the anti-Semitic ticket. A party walkout from the Parliament’s floor (Reichstag) forces new elections. That’s what Hitler’s Nazis did repeatedly; they wanted more seats. Another campaign with more vehement fiery anti-Jewish speeches… The more this monster (Hitler) spewed his fire against the Jew the more his party grew. People made their repeated choices for Hitler and for his policies. The anti-Semites kept on pumping up the Nazi balloon until it became Reichstag’s majority. They did not have to do that did they? While Hitler was still insignificant—knowing what he was after (he did not hide his true intentions)—they could have voted in another candidate, but they did not. CHOICE! 

Hitler became the chancellor and then took the power of president. The people relaxed by letting Hitler have a complete dictatorship over them. They did it in no other name but in the name of prejudice and hate against the Jew. CHOICE!

It was the German people’s choice. Free will. They had plenty of opportunities to not choose Hitler after so many walkouts and during new campaigns. They already knew well what kind of stew Hitler was cooking for the Jewish people and yet they kept voting for the Nazis and not for anyone else. CHOICE!

Hitler repeatedly used his anti-Jewish trump card for it worked magic for him. For more than 500 years the German people were being brainwashed with anti Jewish sentiments. People only were reading about the Jew for there was less than 1% of Jews living in Germany. An average German has hardly seen a Jew; yet, the anti-Semitic fires were being repeatedly fanned. Hitler only awakened the smoldering wick; the people let him do that until they caught the fire of supremacy over all other peoples. CHOICE!

Jesus chose to lay His life down for others, but Germans chose to destroy the Jew.

Therefore there is no comparison between Jesus and the Holocaust. A choice to be the atonement for the world, and a choice to destroy other peoples in the name of supremacy—these two choices will never come together. There are too many loose ends, which cannot ever be tied together.


The sick soul remains sick and no one can make any sense out of this terrible disease. Talking won’t help. Lip service won’t help. Lip apologies also won’t do anything for it is like a piece of a new material sewn into a very old garment; and the tearing will be worse. No one wants to repent wholeheartedly for his and her sin and the sins of their forefathers who embraced the anti God’s chosen and anti the Bible-writers and preservers people. The malady remains.


An ill person seeks comfort from another ill person to have fellowship with. Sickness must never be explained, words often make it worse. Healing of the soul begins with sorrowfulness and tears; these tears wash the soul. It is so modern to articulate things Dr. Phil style. Next pills are prescribed and therapy, until one becomes like a zombie. Then one needs medicinal marihuana and fade into space… forget it all. The malady of the soul is not hard to take out provided one wants to part with this “special” friend that soothes and comforts in order to tear apart again and again. Hitler’s tactic was to soothe the Germans; he fed them his spoonful of syrup and then terrorized them with Gestapo. When Russians reached Berlin Hitler said that (his beloved) Germans don’t deserve to live for buckling under the Soviets. He killed himself instead of the malady of his soul. Just as he killed Eva Brown he wanted to do to every German.

Education can be a powerful tool, but education does not have to be turned on like TV or opened like a book; it can be avoided and most do exactly that.

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