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You can read the Bible as a historical document an inspirational literature or you can study God and His character. Not everything in the Bible must be factual in order to study the Creator. Call it the Big Bang, or Evolution still we talk about sources. The water you drink comes from a source somewhere in high places. I have seen bubbling springs and I have seen brooks, creeks and rivers. Where did wheat and thistles come from? Here one would try to make philosophy, religion, dualism, like God vs Satan etc. But there is one source and it is a good idea to study that source.

Unlike the Koran, the Bible was not written by just one man, but many. Besides the Bible we also have many other books like 'Wisdom of Sirach' (Catholic). If we take only one author's book then we get indoctrinated and thus enslaved to only one viewpoint. If we take Islam, Christianity; and Judaism as religions or philosophies like Confucianism, Buddhism, Atheism or Communism then again; we get indoctrinated; bluntly put, we accept bondage. 

We need no organized religion - man's ideas, creeds and some definitions - between our heavenly Father and His children. If you feel that you are indeed God's child then you will study your Parent; everything else is but an influence of another flesh-and-blood ramblings and even rantings.

We have books upon books containing ideas of other men from Philo (from whom the word philosophy comes) to Darwin and beyond; these shape our thought processes. How about getting completely detached from their ideas, after you know them well, and coming up with something simple and less sophisticated? 

That's what I have done. I carry no burdens of creeds, man's indoctrinations and viewpoints for God's name is not 'Religion' or 'Theology'. 

There will come a time when you will be so free and completely un-confused that you will no longer even try to define anything, point your finger at and judge or even feel any indignation. You will be above it all, for the stew you have been cooking your brains in will no longer give you those flavors others are saturated with. You will be outside the pot. You will look at it all and laugh. That's the freedom Jesus came to give us and with that freedom comes the perfect love, which casts out all fear, perfect peace, which the  world cannot ever provide and the fulness of joy.  

I am no longer in any religion, so no one can argue with my political correctness. This is wonderful.


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