The word khalifa means “successor” (to Muhammad), and as such, a rightful caliph can demand the allegiance of all Muslims. But historically, an applicant for the job has had to fulfill a few conditions. He (always he) must be Muslim, fully grown, devout, sane, and physically whole. Because he is theoretically meant to lead Muslims in battle, missing limbs or a sickly disposition will automatically disqualify him. He must also hail from the Quraysh tribe of the Arabian peninsula, a requirement that turns out to matter a great deal in the case of the current caliph.

There is a mystical belief that, if you just establish the caliphate in the right way, Muslims will come to you and everything will fall into place,” says Fred Donner, a historian of early Islam at the University of Chicago. And it is precisely this promise of inexorable, righteous expansion that has drawn recruits from all over the globe—not just nearby, war-ravaged nations, but England and Australia and France, too. Together, they have formed the most monstrous squad of historical reenactors of all time.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, “The agents of the Jews, the Crusaders, their slaves, their dogs and their tails on the ground did not hold against the Islamic State, and [their gains] are not going to last. The Muslims are winning, the advances of the jihadist fighters will continue until they reach Rome, with Allah’s help.”


So whatever you do, brace up and get ready for the most glorious year in your life 2015. There will be physical prosperity all around us. The love of money will increase and with it crime.

After that around 2020, or earlier, ISIS will surround Israel, in Syria, in Lebanon, in Jordan and even in Egypt. Then they will show their war prowess. They will not go east (like Cain did who then returned and settled Canaan [Gen. 15:19] in the West) ISEL/IS is seeking Caliphate State for only then they can be the leader of Islam. They have their own Islamic messiah and then they will dictate all Muslim states and will unite them waging war against Israel. Since the Jews are the masters of the Christians first, in al-Baghdadi's words, then Jerusalem must be "liberated" first.  Jerusalem is the heavy stone fro all people.

[Zechariah 12:3] It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.

That will be Armageddon. We will see God’s glory. It will be Israel’s final and super victorious war.

Jesus, in the minds of masses the founder of Christianity said:

[Luke 20:17-18] But Jesus looked at them and said, “What then is this that is written:
[18] Everyone who falls on that stone will be broken to pieces; but on whomever it falls, it will scatter him like dust.” 

You do not need believe blindly in the Bible, or dogmatically; that it is God's Word from A to Z. You do not need to believe that Moses existed or did not exist, or that there was an actual tree of knowledge Adam and Eve ate from. None of this matters. The supernatural mind of our Creator who made us also navigates us through it all.

Foremost, the Bible is a history book of a certain kind of people (read John 4:20-22). I call it the Book of Records. The keeping of genealogy (DNA) should already make you think. What is God tracing? What seed, what tare, and what dust?  Who is coming from whom and going where? Discovery, not a dogma. Also, like the Book of Revelations, you become a good judge of any character. Also, what you are drawn to, falsehood or the truth, and to what people things are being addressed. Etc. Some Greeks like anything addressed to them, and Jews like Jewish things etc. The truth is found between these two groups because truth does not favor one or another. Truth is, just as the great I AM is I AM. Period.

God does not lead us to the Council of Nicaea, or back to the so-called founding fathers of the church, or to the place where the biblical canon was finally compiled. Nor will He lead us to the 'faith movement' of Kenneth Hagin who said, "It is written, I believe it, that settles it."

Blind believing never settles anything. Believing is not something magical. You must have substance to believe in; hence this:

[John 16:13] But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come.

To believe means to accept something or someone as being true. That's just a start of which the author of Hebrews 11:6 spoke. 1. Believing that God is. 2. I seek God, study Him and explore His ways. 3. There comes the reward, and what that might be? I know Him and His ways, and when I do then what's next? You've got the answer. I started to walk with God and keep on walking with Him with what kind of feet and with what kind of a gospel? -- Feet shod with the gospel of peace. (Isaiah 52:7 & Ephesians 6:15). And who are the peacemakers (Matthew 5:9)? Aren't they called God's sons; and if they are God's sons aren't they being led of the Holy Spirit the Complete Truth (Romans 8:14)?

So we explore God. Logical chain comes from oneness and leads to the One. I call it the sequential logic or logical sequence. In order to grasp sequential logic one must look at the entire chain from above; the guide is the Spirit of Truth, the Comforter and Helper. His mind is set on oneness where understanding, knowledge and wisdom reside.

But that (initially only) may sound smart and theoretic. There must come a time when this is actually happening, and when it does, you will know. The spring of the Living Water will exuberantly gush out of you, washing you further and also others when you share the glorious "explosion of oneness". So open your mouth and share. Let it gush out from within you.


Quoting someone is fine, but it must come out from within you after you have internalized it and it has blessed you or benefited you in various ways. This benefit must be expressed to others attracting them to the same for this is the WORK of the Kingdom. It starts with seeking (the kingdom) that's a ministry. Then comes its fruit, which is righteousness. This righteousness, this fruit; must be shared producing more righteous people whose eyes are opened and whose souls are cleansed.

If you swallow the Bible without being GUIDED by the Holy Spirit  you have swallowed but a dogma and nothing else. The result? Religiousness. Beware of this demon that possessed countless many.

If the entire Bible was indeed (pious intonation) the Word of God then why would we need the Holy Spirit of Truth to lead us and guide us into all the truth? Is there also an untruth that we need to be guided away from? 

Truth is heavenly where no traffic lights nor police are necessary, where the Perfect Love casts out fear. 

We will experience that love and then we will cease theorizing. Holy Spirit will also disclose to you what is to come. That's prophetic. So today 'I believe in you oh prophet of God.' But I do not follow the prophet, but the Holy Spirit whom I must know in truth. So when the prophet speaks the Holy Spirit in me confirms it to be true. But if I am only in man's dogma (religious); carrying only sensationalism (excitable elements of just the physical senses) then I would believe but blindly. Like believing in the elected pope; him being the actual St Peter, just because he was elected. Authorities come and go, so do elections. And if I believe that the pope is the dead Peter alive through the pope's body I mystify and my faith is also mystical; hence inapplicable and impractical. You can elect an escaped from a psychiatric ward patient to be your country's president or the next Napoleon, but that authority is crazy and all those under it (who embraced it as such) swallowed craziness.

If you submit yourself to the wise his or her wisdom will come to you. If you submit yourself to a strange person his or her strangeness will be yours too. 

So it all comes down to the substance of the truth. A pastor can appoint a youth pastor/leader, but he did not know that the chap was on hard drugs. Then come 'scandals, counseling, hating sin but loving the sinner, Christ forgives; so we must not cast the first stone... etc.' We loose precious and nonredeemable time by avoiding a direct confrontation with the Truth. We delay our attainment. If we were in the Truth we would not follow authority. The Spirit of Truth leads into all the truth. 

I do not believe in any authority unless I hear LOGIC, WISDOM, SENSE, LOVE, CARE, HUMILITY etc, then that is of the Holy Spirit of truth. Through this lens we see everything around us.


You do not need to fear the Truth, for the Truth only guides and leads you to something one and complete, where deviance and deviousness are no longer possible. It makes all things one and sensible, straight and totally honest. In Jesus there was not guile not even 1% but only true wisdom. He was all truth. How about that. I want to be just like Him.

Finally. We will know what future brings for we are in the straight ways amidst crooked ways, which we see in the news. We see cynicism, hypocrisy and such... nothing has changed since the time of Christ. An evil man will not be afraid of a good man, but a good man can fear the bad man. You do not need to discern a good man, but only an evil man for such might harm you. So for this reason you need the Holy Spirit. The straight detects anything crooked. The loving detects the hateful etc... and never vice versa. Bad people who have been so long in the scheming and swindling business that when they meet a kind person they can't help it, but to con them; it comes to them automatically and quite naturally. Exploiting the weak and unsuspecting for selfish profits is so far withdrawn from compassion, empathy and any kindness that it is shocking. Lies are never blunt nor clear that's why a lie is never a lie but illusion, which a devious person creates. It is found in politics, business and religion. Those who study the Truth and are led of the Truth and keep dwelling in the Truth, spot illusion straightaway. But if they have not built yet wise defense mechanisms they will spot the con, but do not know how to go about it. I have been in such situations. There is one last man in the line of more than ten with whom I am about to sever all ties.

The only way is to completely disassociate yourself from all those illusionists, con people and swindlers; for if not you will become a victim, it's inevitable.


It's a lonely place to be of the truth my dear friend. But the search for lovers of the truth goes on and I found many good, honest and truthful ones, but some of them are not completely pure. Just as Jesus said, "Did I not choose the twelve of you and yet one of you is the devil?" And in another place He said that 'all of you are pure except one...' and so it in our life.

People do not know the Truth's delights; it's heaven on earth. The mix I just mentioned prevents them from falling completely into the arms of truth and dwelling in the Truth forever. The Spirit of Truth wants you forever and not for a day or two only; so that when an opportunity presents itself you will slip out from the arms of truth. I know people who carry many self-suiting philosophies with which they explain life's circumstances, how hard life can be, and how you have to watch your back, etc. So in this watching of your back you do the same? What fellowship do we have with swindlers? Religious piety is the offshoot which scoundrels and hypocrites practice. With cynical smiles they pretend to be the kindest and most honest people on the planet, but by their fruits [eventually] we will know them.

While I walk the path of truth I have been tested in my honesty and my deliberate choosing of the straight way. I was asked to join secret, religious and nonreligious  societies and play illusion with people. There will always be the temptation. Anything God appointed for greatness must pass the test.

Out of all these tests and trials I emerged victorious. Today all veils have fallen down. I see through and know, because the residing in me Truth does it.          

The power of religion overshadows the real power of God's truth; man chose religion over God's power. So, whatever makes sense is of the Truth; hence of God's Spirit. Whatever smells devious and double-minded is not of the truth, so that's how we know.


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